Who Makes Kirkland Golf Balls?

Kirkland Golf Balls

Kirkland golf balls – worth the money? Or has the hype died down?

Let’s face it, there isn’t much better than finding a great deal on something that you know will help your golf game. Maybe it’s a new driver that a friend couldn’t hit and sold you at a discount price. 

Or, a set of irons you found in the used section at your local golf store that are in mint condition. Or, a brand-new golf ball that is low-cost and incredible quality to help you score better from tee to green.

Because golf is not a cheap sport by any means. By the time you add up green fees, equipment, golf balls, and instruction or training aids, it’s a good chunk of money.

Luckily, there is one great way to save money and play better golf – Kirkland Signature golf balls. You might have heard about them and asked, “Who makes Kirkland golf balls?” 

It’s a good question and in this post, we’ll do some digging to help you learn more about these golf balls and see if they’re right for you. Plus, talk about some other golf gear you might not know is at Costco.

Kirkland Golf Balls: Everything You Need to Know 

Even though these golf balls are relatively new in the golf industry, they’ve made quite an impression on players and stirred up a lot of controversy too. Let’s get into it… 

History of Kirkland Golf Balls 

The first Kirkland Signature golf ball was released in 2016. Once golfers found out about how well they performed and the extremely low price, they developed a cult-like following. Costco literally couldn’t keep up with the demand. 

The original design was a 3-piece golf ball that had similar performance to the ProV1. Players found them to be slightly shorter in terms of total distance but the amazing feel and price made up for a few less yards. 

The balls were flying off the shelves until Titleist sued Kirkland based on patent infringement. According to this news report, “Acushnet sent a cease and desist letter to Costco alleging their balls infringe upon 11 of its patents. Acushnet further asserted Kirkland Signature’s guarantee that all of its products “will meet or exceed the quality standards of leading national brands” constitutes false advertising.”

They eventually settled out of court in 2018, but the original design was dead. 

In 2019, the Kirkland Signature balls made a comeback with a newly designed 4-piece golf ball but they didn’t last long either. After receiving tons of complaints and overall poor reviews, Costco pulled them from stores once again. 

Luckily, Costco is relentless and in the past few years, they’ve developed a new 3-piece golf ball which has gotten the company back on track. While they’re not as popular as the original design, they’re still a great choice for the everyday golfer. 

Great Value
KIRKLAND SIGNATURE Three-Piece Urethane Cover Golf Ball

KIRKLAND SIGNATURE Three-Piece Urethane Cover Golf Ball

  • 3-piece urethane cover golf ball
  • Conforms with usga and r&a rules
  • High performance ball suitable for recreational and competitive play.
  • Item package weight: 10.0 pounds

Kirkland Golf Ball Performance 

You might be thinking, what about performance and price in their new golf ball design? 

First off, it’s a phenomenal deal like most things at Costco. Of course, they don’t just come in a dozen but in typical Costco fashion, come in two dozen for a little over $30! At that time of this writing they were $34.99 on Costco’s website and a couple bucks more on Amazon.  

Despite the shockingly low price tag, they’re also a great golf ball in terms of distance and accuracy. According to Costco, “With low compression highly elastic rubber core provides a soft feel with high speed, while the 338-dimple pattern provides a penetrating ball trajectory. In addition, the speed boosting mantle is optimized with three-piece construction to control spin with long irons while generating high spin on short irons for control around the green.” 

I’ve personally tried these out to see how they compare to Titleist and TaylorMade golf balls and will say I’m impressed with the performance. I’m not sure if they’re quite as good as the Pro V1 or the TP5 but they are no doubt comparable. Unless you really need one of these golf balls because you’re a consistent player, almost every other type of golfer can benefit from the Kirkland Signature golf balls. 

Who Makes Kirkland Golf Balls? 

So, who makes these world-class golf balls? 

It’s not Costco themselves, but a third party company, Qingdao SM Parker, which is based in China. According to the same news site from above, the original design was made in Japan but they’ve switched manufacturers since the Titleist lawsuit. 

More Golf Gear at Costco

Now that you know more about who is the maker of these great golf balls, let’s not forget about a few other items every golfer needs from Costco. 

Kirkland Golf Gloves

While the balls are great, I would argue the golf gloves are truly the best thing a golfer can buy at Costco. First off, they come in a pack of four so that already sets them apart from any other golf glove, which are almost always sold individually. Plus, four gloves is a little over $20 total – meaning the average glove is about $5 each.

Despite the low price tag, you get one of the best golf gloves out there. I would compare it to a $12-$15 glove from any other brand. The leather design is comfortable, durable, and lasts longer than any other $5 purchase in your golf game.

But the best part is that they offer tons of sizes too; from small to extra large (including ML), you’re bound to find one for your hand size. The only problem is quantity, my Costco can’t seem to keep them in stock fast enough anymore.

If you do find them make sure to stock up so you have plenty of gloves for the future. They’re also available on Amazon but for a higher price (but still worth every penny). 

Kirkland 3-Piece Wedge Set

While the balls and gloves are great, I bet you didn’t know that Costco even makes equipment too. Although they don’t make an entirely full set of woods, irons, and wedges, they do offer a great 3-piece wedge set.

The set comes with a 52, 56, and 60 degree wedge. They have Milled Face technology and even come with True Temper steel shafts too. 

The best part of course is the price – $169 in store. This is an amazing deal considering that most new wedges like the Titleist Vokey or Callaway Jaws are $179 or more per wedge! 

Top Questions About Kirkland Golf  

Do you have extra questions about Kirkland and their golf products? If so, we have answers below.

Did Titleist sue Kirkland? 

Yes, Titleist has had some serious issues with Kirkland ever since the golf balls were released in 2016. They settled the case out of court in 2018 for an unknown amount. This caused Costco to change the design of their golf balls several times to avoid more legal issues.

Is the Kirkland golf ball a Pro V1?

Titleist thought the original design was far too similar, hence the lawsuit. But the latest design is comparable to the most popular in golf, but not quite as good. They’re a few yards shorter than the Pro V1 but offer a similar feel around the greens. 

Overall, they’re still a great golf ball at an unbeatable price. 

Are Costco golf balls legal?

Yes, these conform to both the USGA and R&A Rules so you can use them in competitive events without worry. 

Can you buy Kirkland golf balls on Amazon?


Even if you don’t have a Costco membership, you can still buy these incredible golf balls online. They’re slightly higher priced but if you don’t need much else from Costco, it’s worth the extra few bucks (and not having to wait in long lines). 

Wrapping Up

Costco has some great golf equipment to help you save money and play better golf. Even though the design isn’t as solid as the 2016 original ball, it’s still a great deal. 

Plus, don’t forget to check out the golf gloves and wedges too. It’s almost your one-stop shop for all things golf. 

Click here to buy the Kirkland golf balls on Amazon now.

Have you ever tried the Kirkland signature golf balls? 

If so, let us know in the comments below 

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