Longest Golf Ball in 2023: How to Add More Distance To Your Tee Ball

Longest Golf Ball

Distance is all the rave in golf these days. From pros to amateurs, everyone wants to hit it farther (thanks Bryson). 

It makes sense too, more distance off the tee means shorter approach shots, which should lead to lower scores (assuming you keep your drive in play). 

While a powerful swing is necessary, let’s not forget about the golf ball either. The ball you choose to play has a huge impact on both spin and distance. 

But like golf clubs, you can’t just change them out without having an impact on your game. 

Longest Golf Ball in 2023 – 11 Great Choices 

Before revealing the longest balls in golf, let’s talk about what makes a golf ball “long” in the first place. 

Compression is a big factor when it comes to finding the longest golf ball. As this website said, “Compression is a measure of how soft or firm a golf ball is:

  • A low-compression golf ball will deform more at impact (meaning it will feel softer);
  • A high-compression ball will deform less at impact (it will feel firmer).

Golf balls are tested for compression and a mathematical formula is applied to generate a numerical value. (This value is sometimes called “compression rating.”) Compression can range from 0 to 200, but most golf balls rate anywhere from 60 to 100.”

But it’s not just about compression as much as it is finding the right amount for your specific golf swing. The higher the compression doesn’t necessarily mean it will go further. 

For example, if you have a slower swing speed, a high compression golf ball will actually limit your distance. Because if you can’t swing fast enough, the design will limit ball flight and carry distance. Conversely, you would need a lower compression ball that is made for slower swing speeds.

The other big factor to more distance is speed. 

That’s why so many players on the PGA Tour are posting their ball speed on Instagram. They know that speed equals distance, which comes from speed training, exercise, mobility, and more.  

Now that you understand compression in relation to distance, let’s review the longest golf balls in 2022. 

Callaway Warbird

High Launch
Callaway Warbird

Callaway Warbird

  • The warbird golf ball is engineered for maximum ball speed through the bag
  • Hex aerodynamics reduces drag and promotes increased launch for more speed, hang time and distance
  • The optimized ionomer cover and large core combine to create great feel and greenside control

With Callaway, you know what you’re getting usually just from the name itself. From the creators of the “Great Big Bertha” comes the Callaway Warbird golf balls. 

These are some of the longest balls thanks to their unique, HEX aerodynamic design and 2-piece construction. According to Callaway, “The extra-large, high-energy core is highly compressible to unlock more potential distance at any swing speed.”

This ball isn’t just long either, it promotes a high launch as well. The HEX design helps reduce drag for higher launch, more hang time, and ultimately, more distance off the tee. 

These long distance golf balls are available in yellow or white. At only $18 a dozen, this is a phenomenal deal for any golfer. 

Additional Option: Callaway Superhot Golf Balls

Great Greenside Control
Callaway Golf SuperHot Golf Balls

Callaway Golf SuperHot Golf Balls

  • Built to deliver super fast ball speed and super long distance
  • The aerodynamic design is built for low drag and optimal lift
  • Designed with a 3-piece construction and a soft cover to provide great spin and control

As I mentioned above, the name says it all with Callaway. The Superhot golf ball is hot, which should add some more distance off the tee.

The Superhot series is a good alternative to the Warbird with its 3-piece design. This leads to greater spin around the greens that the Warbird doesn’t offer. 

TaylorMade Distance+

Soft Feel
TaylorMade Distance+ Golf Balls

TaylorMade Distance+ Golf Balls

  • React speed core
  • 342 aerodynamic dimple pattern
  • 2 layer construction, ionomer cover, mid-launch, max distance, mid/high spin, and softer feel
  • Item package weight: 1.25 pounds

While TaylorMade’s most popular golf ball is the TP5 series, it’s not necessarily the longest option for the average golfer. Instead, look at the TaylorMade Distance+ golf balls.

These balls have a 77 compression rating and offer the max driver distance of any TaylorMade balls. The 342 dimple pattern helps create low drag aerodynamics with a mid-launch flight. The React, high speed core also helps with diver distance as well. 

While it is a ball designed for mid-high handicappers, it has plenty of soft feel around the greens. But the best part is the alignment aid to help you line up putts with ease. This is a great way to help you drain putts after hitting it longer off the tee. 

Vice Drive

Very Durable
Vice Golf

Vice Golf

  • For players with low to medium club head speed
  • Extremely tough and cut-resistant soft-core
  • 368 dimple design
  • Longer roll and softer feel
  • 2 piece ball

Vice is a newer golf company but is changing the way golf balls are sold for amateurs. 

While they only offer golf balls at this time, their products are comparable to top brands like Titleist and TaylorMade. What makes them so unique is that you must purchase directly from Vice, which keeps costs significantly lower than most balls.

If you want distance above all else, go with the Vice Drive

As they said on their website, “The new Vice DRIVE is targeted at young beginners, distance seekers and golfers of medium swing speeds whose primary decision criteria are distance off the tee and soft feel, combined with an inexpensive purchase price.”

Not only are they a great deal but they also feature the KIL putt line as well. This helps with alignment when addressing the ball on the greens and is a great way to improve your putting.

The only real downside is that you have to order directly and can’t get them from a pro shop or Amazon. But it’s worth it if the ball performs how you want and is such a good deal. 

If you want a long golf ball but also more playability, check out the Vice Pro Soft instead. This ball made the Golf Digest Hot list in 2020 and has plenty of distance but extra-soft feel as well. 

The high energy speed core helps create maximum speed and also has the KIL putting line. It’s available in a variety of colors and made for players with less than 95mph swing speed. 

If you still aren’t sure which Vice golf ball to choose, make sure to check out their free golf ball selection tool here

Titleist Tour Velocity

Alignment Arrows
Titleist Velocity

Titleist Velocity

  • Longer distance
  • Extremely low long game spin
  • Greater iron stoppability
  • High flight on all shots

Titleist has the number one ball in golf thanks to their popular Pro V1 model. While they’re a phenomenal all around choice, the Pro V1 is not for beginners or golfers with slower swing speeds.

Instead, you want to check out the Titleist Tour Velocity for more distance. This ball is also cheaper than the Pro V1, should help you hit further, and launch it higher too.  

The Tour Velocity has a high speed LSX core that produces faster speeds and distance off the tee. Plus, the 346 quadrilateral dipyramid dimple design leads to a high ball flight with any club in the bag. 

These balls don’t skimp on greenside feel and have alignment arrows for putting too. They’re available in white, mate pink, matte green, and matte orange color selection. 

Volvik Crystal

Volvik Crystal Golf Balls

Volvik Crystal Golf Balls

  • Crafted from the highest quality material
  • Perfect for outdoor and even indoor use

Volvik is the sponsor of the World Long Drive championship. When it comes to distance, Volvik knows what they’re doing. 

While they have a large selection of golf balls, they offer three distance specific golf balls. These are the magma, crystal, and power soft

The Volvik Crystal is priced well (about $30/dozen) and offers extreme distance thanks to the power core. But they don’t sacrifice feel either as the reviews mention plenty of feel and greenside control. 

The downside to these golf balls are the bright color options and semi-transparent cover. They might be too much for some players to handle thanks to their metallic, glossy finish. They do not have a matte finish like some of the other ones on this list. 

Another option is the Volvik Power Soft series. 

These balls have an oversized core that helps create explosive ball speed. Not to mention, the design helps reduce spin rates when hitting a driver which also yields more distance.

The soft ionomer cover also helps with greenside control. These are available in five glossy color options and offer double-digit number options too.

Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Ball

High Durability
Nitro Ultimate Distance

Nitro Ultimate Distance

  • Super reactive 2 piece titanium core tournament construction
  • High velocity long distance the aerodynamic and symmetrical dimple design
  • Virtually indestructible cut-proof cover

If you’re a beginner golfer who wants distance above all else, this ball from Nitro is a great option. The 2-piece golf ball design is made with distance in mind and has a super reactive core for maximum energy transfer from the club to the ball. 

Another perk about this ball is the large color selection. Even if you are spraying it left or right, the bright colors should help you find it quickly. Not to mention, they are extremely affordable.

The only con is that they don’t have a ton of spin around the greens. But as a beginner, distance is usually more important than greenside spin. 

Bridgestone e6

Great Value


  • e6 is the soft feel, long distance golf ball
  • Re-engineered for more power and feel
  • More power softer and larger core for faster compression and longer distance

Bridgestone makes a lot of high quality golf balls, including the Tour B XS, which is made for Tiger Woods. While the Tour B series are great, they’re not the best choice for golfers with slower swing speeds.

If you want a ball that is designed for distance with every club, opt for the Bridgestone e6. This ball has an extremely soft feel and long distance with every club in the bag.

Thanks to its 2-piece construction and low compression core, it’s a great choice for most golfers. They are available in white or optic yellow at only $25/dozen.

Noodle Original

Soft & Long
TaylorMade Noodle Golf Ball

TaylorMade Noodle Golf Ball

  • Durable and soft iothane cover
  • Impact propulsion core for longer carry
  • Great feel and increased spin around the greens
  • Patented dimple design for straighter flight

The “Noodle” has been a top-selling distance golf ball for decades. While it used to be a Maxfli brand, it’s now housed underneath the TaylorMade umbrella. 

The Noodle logo says it all, “Long and soft.” It has a soft core that makes it great for players seeking distance who don’t produce a ton of speed on their own.

Like the Nitro, this golf ball is very affordable and durable. The iothane cover creates a lasting exterior that is sure to last you several rounds (assuming you don’t lose it). Plus, you get 24 golf balls instead of 12 for only $22! 

Longest Illegal Golf Ball 

The golf balls above are the longest when it comes to conforming to the rules of golf. But if you aren’t playing in tournaments and want some extra distance, maybe you should check out some non-conforming balls too.

Just remember, these are not meant for tournament use. 

Bandit MD Golf Ball (Non-Conforming)

Non Conforming
Bandit Maximum Distance Golf Balls

Bandit Maximum Distance Golf Balls

  • Engineered with DuPont Lithium Surlyn cover
  • Aerodynamic dimple design

The Bandit golf balls do not conform to USGA rules but are fun to use for a casual round with friends. The Bandit MD is the maximum distance model and has been around since 2005. 

Thanks to their revolutionary aerodynamic design, the ball stays in the air longer and comes down with a shallower angle. It also has more weight to it for additional roll-out as well. 

Volvik Magma (Non-Conforming) 

Non Conforming
Volvik Magma Golf Balls

Volvik Magma Golf Balls

  • Usga non-conforming golf ball
  • Volvik high energy dual-core delivers explosive distance.
  • Reduced diameter minimizes aerodynamic drag.
  • High trajectory dimples create longer distance.

Another illegal golf ball for explosive distance is the Volvik Magma. This ball has a high energy dual-core for maximum distance and is made for players with 70-90mph clubhead speed.

This 3-piece distance golf ball has high trajectory dimples that help with higher launch on top of distance. Plus, it has a reduced diameter to minimize drag too. These are available in white or yellow. 

Wrapping Up 

In summary, there are a lot of golf balls to choose from. If you want a ball that helps with distance above all else, you can’t go wrong with any on this list. 

Just remember two things when buying golf balls:

  • Always play the ball best for your swing (not the one your favorite pro plays)
  • Picking a ball with distance as the top priority sometimes means you won’t have as much feel or greenside spin. 

Additionally, as you continue to advance in your game, make sure to test other golf balls so they evolve with your swing speed.

What do you think is the longest golf ball available? 

Let us know in the comments below.

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