Golf is a lot of things… 

Depending on the day, golf is: 

  • Fun… or frustrating
  • Expensive… or worth every penny
  • The best game ever… or the dumbest sport ever created

Does that sound about right?

Even though golf tests us like no other sport, if you’re reading this it means you’re committed to improving your game. You’re the type of golfer who doesn’t let a bad round or slump hold you back from pursuing your true potential on the golf course. 

Welcome to The Golfers Gear – a brand that is committed to helping you play your best golf ever. My name is Phil Grounds, an entrepreneur and avid golfer. I’ve been playing this game for 20+ years and can relate to just about any issue you’re facing in your golf game.

I’ve had to battle all kinds of issues like a nasty slice off the tee (now I play a nice, soft draw), chipping yips, and mental game struggles. But through a lot of hard work and grit, I’ve been able to overcome these issues (and many more) to become a 9-handicap golfer. My goal with this brand is to help you get similar results so you can enjoy the game more than ever. 

At the Golfers Gear, we have a team of dedicated writers that are committed to helping golf enthusiasts like you play the right equipment and improve your swing. Whether it’s reviewing training aids, rating new golf equipment, or giving you swing advice, we cover it. 

Golf isn’t getting any easier so it’s our job to give you the best tips, strategies and equipment reviews to shoot lower scores. We are growing at a fantastic rate and our goal is to only give you the best tips and product recommendations. 

To help you start scoring better than ever, start reading now:

Thanks for being here and we hope you can enjoy this game. If you have any questions, please make sure to contact us and we love to hear from fellow golfers.