Golf Practice

Most golfers practice the wrong way. 

As Harvey Penick said, ““Every day I see golfers out there banging away at bucket after bucket. If I ask them what they’re doing, they say, ‘What does it look like I’m doing, Harvey? I’m practicing!’ Well, they’re getting exercise all right. But few of them are really practicing.” 

While showing up to golf practice is half the battle, it’s essential to practice the right way and avoid common mistakes. Otherwise, it’s a waste of time, energy, and money. Not to mention, golf is the only sport where you can spend hours practicing and actually get worse.

In this section, you will learn the drills and tips to actually help you make progress on the practice tee. Learn about the best alignment drills, golf practice fundamentals, and more tips for beginner players to make the most of each moment. Plus, learn how to practice at home or indoors during the off season too. 

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