Best Titleist Golf Balls – The Current Range Reviewed

best titleist golf balls

When it comes to finding the best golf balls, Titleist is usually top of mind for most golfers. With a slogan like “The number one ball in golf” you know they mean business.

In fact, according to their website, they have over 1,000 Titleist Tour players on their roster. Some of them include Jordan Speith, Adam Scott, Justin Thomas, Nelly Korda, and more. If the best players in the world trust them, it’s safe to say they’re one of the best balls in golf.

But over the years, they have continued to expand their product line and innovate for all types of golfers. No longer do you need to be a scratch golfer to reap the benefits of these high performance golf balls.

So what is the best Titleist golf ball? 

In short, the best Titleist ball is one that works best for your game. While your buddies might recommend you play a certain one or you want to play the same balls as your favorite pro, that’s not always the best strategy.

Instead, you need to find the golf ball that matches your abilities, swing speed, and goals. Here is a comprehensive breakdown of each Titleist golf ball to help you find the right one for your game.

Titleist Pro V1x Golf BallsTitleist Pro V1x Golf Balls
  • Longer distance with consistent flight
  • Low long game spin and high trajectory
  • Increased drop-and-stop short game control
  • Softer feel
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Titleist Pro V1 Golf BallsTitleist Pro V1 Golf Balls
  • Longer distance with consistent flight
  • Very low long game spin and penetrating trajectory
  • Increased drop-and-stop short game control
  • Faster Low Spin Casing Layer
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Titleist AVX Golf BallsTitleist AVX Golf Balls
  • Longer distance
  • Increased greenside spin and control
  • Softer feel
  • Very low long game and iron spin
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Titleist Tour Speed Golf BallsTitleist Tour Speed Golf Balls
  • Exceptional distance
  • Penetrating flight on long game shots
  • Precise scoring control
  • Soft feel
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Titleist Tour Soft Golf BallsTitleist Tour Soft Golf Balls
  • Longer distance
  • Responsive feel
  • Greater short game control
  • Penetrating trajectory and consistent flight
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Titleist TruFeel Golf BallTitleist TruFeel Golf Ball
  • Ultra soft feel
  • Superior distance
  • Excellent greenside control
  • Trusted quality and consistency
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Titleist Velocity Golf BallsTitleist Velocity Golf Balls
  • Longer distance
  • Extremely low long game spin
  • Greater iron stoppability
  • High flight on all shots
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Best Titleist Golf Ball – 2021 Review

Here is a review of the 2021 line up of Titleist golf balls based on design, abilities, and budget.

Titleist Pro V1X

titleist pro v1x

Starting off our list is the signature balls from Titleist – the Pro V1 series. The first one we’ll review is the Pro V1X which has been a staple in the golf world for nearly two decades.

The Pro V1X is a total performance ball that features long distance, a high trajectory, and low long game spin. Despite minimal spin for the long game, it has tons of greenside spin and a softer feel than the Pro V1. It’s also geared to help create a higher ball flight.

This golf ball is great for low to mid-handicap golfers who want minimal spin off the tee and into the greens. These are available in white and yellow golf balls, plus you can purchase them with extra alignment features as well. The Pro V1X is not cheap and is the highest priced of their selection but 100% worth it.

Titleist Pro V1

titleist pro v1 golf balls

The second golf ball from Titleist is the sibling of the Pro V1X which is the standard Pro V1. This golf ball has a lot in common with the X including price, color selection, alignment features, and high performance design.

The biggest difference between the Pro V1 and the Pro V1X is the spin, ball flight, and distance features. The Pro V1 has a mid-ball flight (lower than the X), even less long game spin, softer feel and about the same short game spin. 

This is an incredible all around golf ball that is trusted by some of the best players in the world. The Pro V1 is also now available in a pink ball designed specifically for women as well. 

Titleist AVX

Titleist AVX

The AVX series are a great alternative to the Pro V1 series and geared toward a mid-handicap golfer. They prioritize distance for the long game but also have plenty of greenside spin and control features as well.

The AVX provides a lower ball flight, softer feel than the Pro V1, and the lowest long game spin too. This three-piece urethane golf ball is great for golfers who want a long distance through soft feel and low spin properties. They are priced the same as the Pro V1 series and available in white or yellow selections.

Titleist Tour Speed

Titleist Tour Speed

The Titleist Tour Speed is a slightly cheaper alternative to the Pro V1 or AVX series and focuses on speed meeting performance. These golf balls provide a mid-ball flight, soft feel, and a little less spin around the greens.

The focus of this golf ball is speed above all else. This product is great for golfers who want to save a few bucks but still want solid performance from tee to green. 

Titleist Tour Soft

Titleist Tour Soft

Next up is the Titleist Tour Soft golf ball. This is very similar to the Tour Speed in terms of price and design but geared towards spin over speed. 

The Tour Soft golf balls are great for players who want tons of spin and feel from 100 yards and in. This ball is great for mid to high handicappers. Both the Tour Soft and Tour Speed are available in white and yellow selections.  

Titleist Velocity

Titleist Velocity

Nearing the end of our list is the Titleist Velocity golf balls. These are a bargain compared to others on this list!

The priority with this golf ball is distance above all else. 

If you’re just getting started, it’s a great ball for beginners who want distance and a high ball flight. Or, if you’re a senior golfer who might have lost some swing speed, this is also a great choice.

If you want to hit bombs, this is the ball for you. Since it’s a much harder golf ball, just know it doesn’t have as much spin around the greens. This low price golf ball comes in a multitude of colors including white, orange, pink, and neon green. 

Titleist Tru Feel

Titleist Tru Feel

Rounding out our list is the Titleist Tru Feel golf balls. These are the lowest priced golf balls on this list and great for beginners and high handicappers.  

The emphasis on the Tru Feel series is feel above all else. It’s not as long of a golf ball as the Velocity and geared toward ultimate feel and spin from tee to green. 

One perk about the Tru Feel is the enhanced alignment features which makes it incredibly easy to line up putts. The red arrows are a great way to ensure you’re lined up properly on every single putt. This series of balls are available in white, yellow, or red. 

Final Thoughts on Titleist Golf Balls

Remember, Titleist is one of the most trusted brands in golf for a reason! 

They put a ton of effort, time and energy into making the best products available. Specifically, with golf balls as much as any club.

They have been refining their product line for decades in order to make the game as easy as possible. Now, they have more products than ever before to help you find the one based on your handicap and swing.

Please remember, always play the golf ball that suits your swing! Test out a few if you aren’t sure because the golf ball you play has a huge impact on your spin, distance, and ball flight. 

When you play the right golf ball, the game gets a little bit easier. And as you know, we all could use the assist to shoot lower scores.  

What is your favorite Titleist golf ball to play? Let us know in the comments!

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