Putting Instruction

Putting is nothing like the golf swing. 

As the great Ben Hogan once said, “There is no similarity between golf and putting; they are two different games, one is played in the air, and the other is on the ground.” 

Putting frustrated Ben Hogan as he is one of the best ball strikers of all time but struggled on the greens. In our putting section, you will learn how to become a consistent putter and master the shots that matter most. Because even with a great swing and solid short game, low scores aren’t guaranteed.

Most golfers use their putter for more than 30-40% of all shots during the round. And for so many players, it’s their kryptonite on the course even though it’s a short distance to the hole.

In our putting section, learn different grip styles (like the claw), how to avoid 3-putts from long range, the art of green reading, and how to make short putts like a pro. Mastering your flat stick will help you shoot lower scores fast and give you tons of confidence on the course. 

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