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Most Expensive Putters

Top 5 Most Expensive Putters In Golf

Ever considered that the secret to a great golf score isn’t about how far you hit the ball from the tee but in your putting?

I bet that when you’ve played really well, you’ve always sunk important putts. So, when it comes to spending big on golf equipment the humble putter is often overlooked in favor of expensive drivers, even though it’s frequently the game-changer.

In this article, we’ll turn the spotlight on the best putters—especially the most expensive ones that promise unparalleled performance. Read on to discover the putter that could transform your game.

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best putter for beginners

Top 7 Best Putters for Beginners

Putting is the single most important part of golf. If you want to shoot lower scores, learn to love putting and more specifically, your putter. Putting accounts for 35-50% (or more) of every shot per round. Yet, most golfers practice putting

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