Best Golf Balls for Seniors - Our Top 5 Picks For The Mature Golfer

best golf balls for senior golfers

One of the best parts about this crazy game is that you can play it at any age. Whether you’re seven or 70 years old, you can play golf and enjoy every moment of it.

The key to golf, regardless of age, is making it easier on yourself by playing the right equipment. Your golf clubs and balls need to work with you and your swing, not against you.  

With clubs, you want them to be ultra-lightweight and forgiving. This will help on full shots as you naturally lose speed and some flexibility. 

But playing the right golf ball is just as important. If you play the ball that you did when you were younger, it might hurt your chances of scoring consistently well

Instead, find the right one for your game with your current swing so you don’t leave any strokes on the course.

Best Golf Balls for Seniors in 2021 

When it comes to picking the right ball as a senior golfer, I would argue the most important thing is distance. Because as you get older, your strength and flexibility naturally decrease, making it harder to swing the club fast. 

This decrease in speed leads to a shot that doesn’t travel as far as it did in the past. While staying flexible and healthy is key, switching balls will help with distance a ton. 

Here are the best golf balls for seniors in 2021.

1. Titleist TruFeel

Titleist Tru Feel

Titleist is arguably the biggest name in the golf ball world. 

Their Pro V1 series is one of the most common balls among golfers worldwide as it has tons of benefits. While the Pro V1 is a great ball, it’s not the best for seniors with slower swing speeds.

Instead, I suggest switching from a Pro V1 to Titleist’s TruFeel series. This ball has ultra soft feel, tons of greenside control, and most importantly, distance! 

The TruTouch core helps lower the compressions so that you can minimize spin on long distance shots.  With this golf ball, you never have to worry about marking your ball again as the bold red design comes on every one. This makes lining up putts easier, even if you don’t have perfect 20/20 vision.

Lastly, this Titleist ball is a great option for seniors thanks to its multiple color options. You can choose from white, yellow, or red so that it’s easy to find. 

2. Callaway Superhot 

Callaway superhot

Callaway is also a top name in the golf ball world thanks to their popular Chrome Soft line that is played by all kinds of big names. But they also have a great choice for seniors with the Superhot line.

The Callaway Superhot golf balls are very fast thanks to their new aerodynamic design. This helps lower the drag so the all stays in the air longer and provides plenty of distance. 

It still offers plenty of spin too thanks to its 3-piece construction and cover. It does have built-in alignment arrows on the side of the ball, too. You can choose from white, red, or yellow.  

And the best part? They come in a pack of 15 instead of a dozen golf balls and are priced incredibly well. 

3. Srixon Soft Feel

Srixon Soft Feel

The Srixon Soft Feel golf ball is a great all-around ball for seniors. 

While Srixon doesn’t have the popularity of brands like Titleist or TaylorMade, they still make great products at amazing prices. For this ball, their slogan is “Superior soft feel, longer distance” which sums it up perfectly.

This ball has a compression rating of 60, which makes it great for players with reduced swing speeds. It also has a unique 338 dimple pattern to help reduce drag and increase launch angle for higher shots. 

Not to mention, they’re available in a variety of colors. You can buy them in white, yellow, pink, red, orange, and neon green. This makes it easier than ever to find your ball in the rough and keep up with the pace of play.

4. Wilson Duo Soft 

wilson duo soft golf balls

Wilson also offers a great ball for senior players with the Duo Soft. This 2-piece ball will help you with distance off the tee and features the lowest compression of any ball on this list. As a reminder, the lower compression helps with slower swing speeds to help create distance. 

Plus, they’re the most affordable on this list.

5. Bridgestone e12 Contact

Bridgestone e12 Contact

Rounding out our list is the Bridgestone e12 series. These new golf balls are all about distance! 

They’re able to achieve maximum distance thanks to their new contact force dimple design. 

According to Bridgestone, this ball “Features a unique structure with a raised area in the center and an outer portion that slows horizontal rotation during flight. The raised area allows for 38% more contact with the clubface at impact than traditional dimples, yielding a much more efficient transfer of energy and improved core activation.”

The result is more speed with any club. Plus, it has a built-in alignment aid to get your putts started off online. While it’s not as good of an alignment aid as the Titleist TruFeel, it’s better than nothing.

Like others on this list, the Bridgestone e12 is available in multiple colors including white, neon green, yellow, and matte red. 

Wrapping Up

To play your best golf at any age, make sure you play the right equipment to match your game. As a senior golfer, it’s important to adjust clubs and balls as your swing changes with time.

When choosing the right ball, make sure to find one that is geared for players with slower swing speeds. This will help offset the reduction of speed and help improve distance with every club in the bag. 

Also, try to find a golf ball with a built-in alignment aid so that it’s easier to get your putts started on your target line. Finally, maybe switch from white to yellow, green, or red if you have trouble locating your ball in the fairway or rough. 

What’s your favorite golf ball for seniors?

Let us know in the comments below! 

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