Picture of Phil Grounds

Phil Grounds

Founder | Golf Nut & Writer


  • 30+ years golf experience.
  • Single figure handicap.
  • Dedicated to helping golfers improve their all round game and lower their handicaps.


Phil Grounds is the founder of Golfers Gear and has been playing golf for over 30 years. At the age of 10 his father played a round of golf with the legendary Greg Norman and Phil was lucky enough to tag along. Needless to say the Shark inspired Phil to pick up some clubs and he’s never looked back.

Phil is a passionate golfer and is dedicated to making Golfers Gear one of the best resources for golf improvement content out there. Being an independent site and reader supported we can make sure any gear reviews we do are honest and impartial.

Coming from a business background with years of experience in SEO and content creation, Phil is on a mission to assemble the best golf writers in the industry to help produce helpful, actionable content that golfers can enjoy, whatever their level!

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