Most Forgiving Drivers To Improve Your Game [Updated 2023]

forgiving golf driver

Golf isn’t an easy sport and if you struggle off the tee, it’s 10X harder.

Short and wayward drives off the tee lead to all kinds of tough second shots and put you on defense, instead of offense… which makes it nearly impossible to score your best. However, things get a lot easier in this crazy sport if you can hit it long and straight off the tee. 

Heck, even if you don’t always hit it straight but at least get it down there 250+ yards, the game gets so much easier. The longer you hit it off the tee, the shorter approach shots, which mean more putts for birdies (and hopefully lower scores).

But a lot of players make things harder on themselves by not playing drivers with enough forgiveness. A lot of times golfers use drivers that are meant for low handicap players or use one with the wrong loft/shaft settings.

Instead, you need to play the right driver for your game.  

So what is the most forgiving driver?

After doing a ton of research, here are our five top picks to help you find the one for your game.

Most Forgiving Drivers in Golf 

If you want to play better golf and hit it longer off the tee, your equipment needs to be your wingman. Here are the most forgiving drivers to help you gain strokes off the tee. 

1. Cobra AEROJET Max

High Launch
Aerojet MAX Driver

Aerojet MAX Driver

  • A seamless aerodynamic design is adapted to deliver faster clubhead speed for maximized distance
  • An innovative suspended bridge weight design enables unrestricted flexibility of the face and sole, and positions the CG low and forward to unleash faster ball speed
  • A forged PWRSHELL face insert maximizes flexibility for faster ball speed and higher launch

Looking for a super forgiving driver in 2023? We think you’ll love the latest from Cobra due to the sleek new design. They’ve said it’s their most forgiving club yet and the Max model is the most forgiving of the three options. 

First, can we talk about how good-looking this club is at address? It has a carbon fiber top and clear sight lines that make it easy to set up the golf ball square. Plus, the new design gives it new symmetrical shaping with streamlined edges to give you as much speed as possible.

Second, you get tons of customization to make sure it’s right for your swing. You can choose from three lofts (9, 10.5 and 12) with two shafts as well. The Max version is the highest launching with a neutral to draw biased clubhead. 

2. Titleist TSR1

Sleek Design
Titleist TSR1

Titleist TSR1

  • TSR1 drivers, fairways and hybrids have been stripped of every non-essential gram of weight from head to grip to ensure the lightest possible build without sacrificing performance.
  • New VFT technology originally debuted in TSR2, TSR3 (Speed Ring), and TSR4 drivers and is now featured in TSR1, optimizing speed retention on off-center strikes.

If you want a great looking club that is extremely forgiving, the new TSR drivers from Titleist are a great option. Like the previous TSi drivers, there are four options and the TSR1 is the most forgiving. It’s a great option for a mid-high handicap player who wants forgiveness and distance over shot making.

The TSR1 is an ultralight weight driver that is optimized for speed and distance. According to Titleist, “Every unnecessary gram, from head to grip, has been eliminated from the design of TSR1. It is strategically engineered to be as light as possible while still providing maximum launch and distance dynamics.”

This driver also has face-center CG to promote higher launch and more ball speed (which means more distance). Plus the Surefit hose allows you to add or remove loft too to optimize launch angle for the most distance possible. 

3. PXG 0311 XF

New Lower Price
PXG 0311 XF Driver

PXG 0311 XF Driver

  • XG 0311 XF GEN5 Driver is a mid-spin option offering a clean aesthetic and revolutionary engineering for remarkable forgiveness off the tee
  • Unbelievable forgiveness on mishits, the innovative crown presents a larger profile shape and longer face heel to toe than the 0311 GEN5 Driver

PXG has a great new set of drivers in their 0311 series but the XF are even more forgiving. This driver is made entirely from carbon fiber to save mass and redistribute weight for extra forgiveness. Not to mention it looks amazing at address and arguably one of the best looking drivers out there.

The 0311 XF has mid-spin, high MOI, and great distance… but still plenty of shot dispersion as well. It’s long, straight, and more affordable than ever. 

Plus, you can adjust and customize the club to your swing. With two adjustable weights (you can buy weights from 2.5 – 20 grams) to get just the right fit for optimal spin rates. Easily set it to a draw bias to improve that slice and hit more fairways. 

4. Mizuno ST-X PLTNM 230

Reduced Spin Rate
Mizuno ST-X 230 Driver

Mizuno ST-X 230 Driver

  • This new driver features Mizuno’s CORTECH Chamber – engineered to deliver more ball speed across the face, as well as reducing spin rates.
  • ST-X 230 is a draw-biased driver with a carbon composite construction and a heel side sole weight.

This ultra lightweight driver is made for someone who wants forgiveness off the tee! Mizuno continues to expand their product line and this club is great for someone with slower to moderate swing speeds. 

In fact, it’s 30 grams lighter than the standard ST-X 230 driver! 

Not only is it lighter and more forgiving than any other driver in their product line, it has a draw bias as well. But the truly unique part of this diver is the shaft which is a Helium Platinum shaft that is ¾ inches longer than standard. Paired with a lighter clubhead, it should be easier than ever to gain distance but still have a tight shot dispersion. 

This new ultra forgiving driver from Mizuno is available in 10.5 or 12 degree loft options. Sadly, it’s only available for right-handed golfers at this time. 

5. Wilson D9

Great Value
WILSON Staff D9 Driver

WILSON Staff D9 Driver

  • Every millimeter of the D9 driver has been honed for performance
  • The three-layer [K]COMPOSITE CROWN is made from Kevlar and carbon fiber to neutralize vibration for a solid feel and satisfying acoustics
  • Incredibly lightweight, which means a lower center of gravity and faster club head speeds for better ball flight and more distance

Wilson has outdone themselves with the new D9 – this is a great looking, forgiving driver at an incredible price. According to the company, “Every millimeter of the D9 driver has been honed for performance. By dividing the face into a series of fractal zones, each tuned for explosive distance, our Peak Kinetic Response Face optimizes both forgiveness and ball speed.” 

They also have a three layer composite crown made from Kevlar to produce an amazing sound. It’s very lightweight which will also help you swing faster and gain extra distance. 

Plus, they have a 13 degree loft option which is a great choice for seniors and beginner golfers. It’s also a great deal if you’re looking to save some money on your driver. 

6. Cobra LTDX

New in 2022
Cobra Golf LTDX Driver

Cobra Golf LTDX Driver

  • Pwr-cor technology-multi material weighting system consisting of steel
  • Hot face-highly optimized technology
  • Cnc milled infinity face-an
  • Multi-material chassis-lightweight carbon crown

One of Cobra’s slogans is, “Distance is king” because they’re wildly confident about the new LTDx drivers. If you also want the most forgiveness possible, opt for the LTDx Max model as it should be a great fit. 

The Max model is low-mid spin, high launch, and the highest forgiveness possible. The club also has a sleek design and is one of the few drivers where you can choose which color combination you want. Go with black/yellow or navy/red to make the driver 100% your own. 

Another reason players are loving the LTDx is the ability to find the ideal trajectory. You can easily adjust the clubhead based on your optimal fall flight and launch. Choose from three positions:

  • Position A: This puts a 10 gram weight in the back to help deliver a modest 5-yard draw. Or, if you’re a power fade player, this setting should help with a straighter face at impact.
  • Position B: This position adds the 10 gram weight to the back for 11 yards of draw.
  • Position C: If you’re someone who has an extreme slice, this setting is for you. The weight stays in the heel but as you adjust the hosel to a draw setting, it can help get to 18 yards of draw. 

Aside from forgiveness and adjustability, they also have aftermarket stock shafts at no extra cost. Choose from one of two Project X HZRDUS shafts of the US Helium Nanocore for a lighter, higher launching shaft. 

7. Callaway Rogue ST Max

ST Max
Callaway Golf Rogue ST Driver

Callaway Golf Rogue ST Driver

  • Rogue ST MAX LS is built for lower spin with a strong ball flight trajectory
  • The groundbreaking new Tungsten Speed Cartridge structure places up to 23 grams low and deep in the driver head
  • Their patented A.I. designed Jailbreak Speed Frame provides stability in the horizontal and torsional direction.

Callaway recently released the Rogue ST Max which is a big change up from the 2021 Epic Speed drivers. The entire look changed and they have four different models to help all types of players. But if you want forgiveness above all else, you want to go with the Rogue ST Max or Max D model. 

Both of these drivers are extremely forgiving; the only difference is Max-D has a built-in draw bias. If you’re looking for a little help squaring up the clubface at impact, the Max-D can help a ton. 

If you played the Mavrik in 2020, then I’m confident you will love the Rogue ST Max. It’s a great upgrade in every way possible; it’s longer, sounds better, and looks better. What more could you want?

These drivers also made the Golf Digest Hot List in 2022 thanks to their new design which included a new tungsten speed cartridge. This is placed strategically in the lowest and deepest part of the driver to help with extra forgiveness. Plus, it’ll help increase speed on your off center hits. 

Callaway continues to use A.I. in their design process and in this model, it’s helped reduce spin. Which means your off center hits will still get closer to normal spin rates which will help with distance and likely your approach shot. 

To make it even more forgiving you can choose from a variety of shafts including Mitsubishi Tensei, Fujikura Ventus, and more. Find the optimal flex and launch to make it your new favorite club. When you’re looking down at this club, it’s hard not to feel confident. 

More from Callaway: Epic Flash Star 

While the new Callaway Rogue ST Max is a great driver, another option is the Callaway Epic Flash Star. 

What makes it such a good alternative?

It’s one of the lightest drivers we’ve ever seen and great for senior golfers. 

Not only is it wildly forgiving but it’s so light that it makes it easier to increase speed with every swing. If you’re the type of golfer who wants some extra speed (not to mention a great looking club), this is a great alternative. 

Click here to learn more.

8. TaylorMade Stealth

2022 Model
TaylorMade Stealth Driver

TaylorMade Stealth Driver

  • The 60X Carbon Twist Face is encased by a polyurethane cover, featuring a revolutionary new nanotexture technology
  • The nanotexture cover is used to fine tune launch and spin to optimize total distance regardless of playing conditions. 

If you’re still playing the TaylorMade SIM driver from 2020, it’s time to upgrade. The new TaylorMade Stealth is a totally different club than previous designs. It looks different, sounds different, and performs much better.

The red clubface and black clubhead are a great look at address. What makes this club so unique is that it’s made of Carbon, not titanium. While you likely won’t be able to spot the difference when looking at the club, the numbers speak volumes.

The Stealth outperforms the SIM with every swing. According to TaylorMade, “The all new 60X Carbon Twist Face is 40% lighter than an equivalent titanium face, while also being 11% larger than SIM2 and SIM2 Max drivers and nearly 20% larger than the 2020 SIM driver.”

It’s shaped for speed, very forgiving, and they offer a Stealth-D version for slicers. Not to mention tons of great shaft options including the Graphite Design Tour AD IZ, Ventus Red, and others. 

9. Cleveland Launcher XL Lite

Best Budget
Cleveland Launcher XL Driver 460cc RH 10.5 Graph Reg

Cleveland Launcher XL Driver 460cc RH 10.5 Graph Reg

  • 460cc xl head design for increased forgiveness and booming drives.
  • Alternating zones of flexibility and rigidity direct more energy into the golf ball
  • Action mass cb an 8g weight placed inside the end of the grip delivers better balance
  • Adjustable hosel - adjust your loft from 9 to 12 degrees to optimize your launch angle

If you want something that’s a little more simple and don’t have to worry about fine-tuning settings, the Cleveland Launcher XL Lite is a great choice. This club is ready to use without any sliding weights or adjustable hosel. 

Simply take it off the rack and start swinging because it has one goal above all else – forgiveness. This is the most MOI ever created in a Cleveland driver which means it’s extremely forgiving. The head design, rebound frame, and action mass CB features all help create more speed and distance. 

Plus, it’s cheaper than most drivers on this list. Don’t forget, you can buy this club in XL Lite draw which has a more built-in draw bias too.

More from Cleveland: Launcher XL 

If you do want some adjustability in your driver for maximum forgiveness, check out the standard Launcher XL. 

10. Ping 425 Max Drivers

Max Distance
Ping G425 LST Driver

Ping G425 LST Driver

  • Features innovative turbulators to reduce aerodynamic drag while increasing speed
  • Proprietary T9S+ forged face accelerates flexing across the face for better distance
  • The LST model is constructed with a pear-shaped 445cc head for lower spin

The Ping 425 Max driver is the most forgiving driver from Ping ever thanks to its incredibly high moment of inertia! It has a 26 gram tungsten movable weight and you can shift for a fade, neutral, or draw setting.

Plus, it has a forged face to maximize ball speed for extra distance. Paired with aerodynamic design, you will swing with more speed than you thought possible.

11. Wilson Launch Pad

Great Value
Wilson Launch Pad Driver

Wilson Launch Pad Driver

  • Extreme forgiveness and incredibly fast speed
  • Draw bias helps reduce slices for straighter, more accurate shots
  • The Launch Pad 2 driver delivers more carry, straighter shots and solves that nasty slice

Another driver for higher handicap players who want a super forgiving driver is the new Launch Pad. According to their website, this club is, “Loaded with game-improvement features that make it highly forgiving and freakishly fast, so you can go from the tee box to the fairway in a single swing.”

The design is forgiving, fast, and has a built-in draw bias for a straighter ball flight. It’s also moderately offset and has the COG in the heel and front part of the club. This should help you hit it longer, even on shots that miss the sweet spot. 

The one downside is that they only have one shaft option available. But they do offer a unique 13 degree loft option (plus a 9 and 10.5) for an even higher ball flight. 

12. Mizuno ST-X 220

Slick Look
Mizuno ST-X 220 Driver

Mizuno ST-X 220 Driver

  • Highly resilient forged sat2041 beta-ti face
  • New multi-thickness cortech face
  • Quick switch adaptor
  • Optimized wave sole plate delivers an additional contribution to ball speed
  • Wide, low footprint

Mizuno has a few drivers that are quite impressive but the most forgiving model is the ST-X 220. This driver has a built-in draw bias and has higher spin rates than ST-Z, which is designed for more advanced players. 

This Mizuno driver has an extra 20 gram heel bias back weight for maximum forgiveness and distance. Plus, it’s a great looking club with its black and blue design. 

The real reason this club is so good for higher handicappers is because it has higher spin. Here’s what the director of product, Chris Voshall, said about the STX-220.

“For a lot of golfers, the modern low spinning driver design preferred by tour players is a serious distance killer. The ST-X’s extra spin, slight draw bias, and a higher flight will add driving distance for a surprising number of players.” 

This is why it’s so crucial to play clubs designed for your current swing. You can get this driver with a variety of shafts but it’s only available for right-handed players. 

Most Forgiving Drivers 2021

While there are tons of great new drivers in 2022, buying a driver from last season isn’t a bad idea. The technology is nearly the same in some of these clubs and you’ll save money. If you’re on a budget and want to save money on your new club, here are a few great alternatives.

13. Callaway Epic Max

Highly Rated
Callaway Epic Max Driver

Callaway Epic Max Driver

  • Epic max uses artificial intelligence to engineer a new formula for speed
  • Epic ball speeds start with our new a.i.-designed jailbreak speed frame
  • A.i. designed flash face is specifically engineered to optimize the jailbreak speed frame
  • Epic max creates exceptionally high forgiveness

If you want forgiveness and distance, you will love the Callaway Epic Max driver. This club was designed using AI technology and is a huge step up from the 2020 Mavrik Max driver. 

So what does AI have to do with making a forgiving golf club?

Well, they use AI to test endless variations of the club for maximum forgiveness and maximum ball speed. The result is the Max driver with a ton of high MOI (which makes it more forgiving) and a draw bias. Even if you slice the golf ball, this driver should help you straighten things out.

The 460cc clubhead is their most forgiving driver yet. Plus, it has a 16gram sliding rear weight to adjust ball flight and tweak for your own unique swing. And you can adjust loft with their OptiFit hosel and add up to 20 yards to your swing according to their website.

This is their highest launching driver and comes in a 9, 10.5, or 12 degree loft. Paired with a lightweight shaft (choose from a Project X Cypher or Project X HZRDUS Smoke), you can’t go wrong with this forgiving driver. 

14. Cobra Radspeed XD Driver

Great Value
Cobra Golf Radspeed Driver

Cobra Golf Radspeed Driver

  • Radial weighting technology
  • Cnc milled infinity face
  • Thin-ply carbon crown
  • Lighter t-bar chassis
  • Extreme front weighting

If you want to hit it hard and long like Bryson, why not play the brand he loves and is sponsored by? Cobra has made some serious strides in the past few years and now have an amazing product line of drivers.

The most forgiving Cobra driver is the Radspeed XD which made the Golf Digest Hot List in 2021. This club is meant for higher handicap golfers and engineered for distance with plenty of forgiveness.

Using radial weighting, the 20 grams of back-biased weight helps create a low spinning driver. This club is geared toward 5-25 handicaps and has a built-in heel bias to reduce those nasty slices.

15. Titleist TSi Series Driver

Highly Rated
Titleist TSi1 Driver

Titleist TSi1 Driver

  • This driver features an ATI Aerospace Titanium face that produces the longest, straightest and best sounding Titleist driver ever
  • Adjustable SureFit Hosel with 16 Loft and Lie Settings, Designed for Players with Swing Speeds under 90mph

Titleist unveiled their latest drivers in 2021 with rave reviews. 

The new TSi metals are innovative and will help you add more distance to your game. Currently, their line-up offers four different models but if you’re searching for forgiveness above all else, stick with the TSi1 or TS12 drivers.

These two models are built for distance above all else and don’t require a huge amount of swing speed. The TSi series were built to deliver maximum launch and forgiveness regardless of where you hit it on the face. Thanks to a new approach to creating a high MOI club, your shot dispersion should be tighter than ever.

Plus, you can always adjust your loft and lie with their performance tuned adjustments. Not to mention, the stock shaft is awesome with its Aldila Ascent. 

This is an easy to hit, high launching shaft that has FMT (focused Mass Technology) to help players square the club face. While you can’t adjust the club with sliding weights like some drivers, this feature helps reduce your slice a ton. 

The TSi series drivers are available in 9, 10, or 12 degree loft options

The TSi series drivers are available in 9, 10, or 12 degree loft options. Check out the below YouTube video to learn more about the TSi range and how it could help your driving game. 

16. TaylorMade SIM2 Max

Most Forgiving
TaylorMade SIM2 Max Driver

TaylorMade SIM2 Max Driver

  • New forged ring construction
  • Sim inertia generator
  • Speed injected twist face
  • Thru-slot speed pocket
  • Split mass weighting

Rounding out our list is the TaylorMade SIM2 Max. The original SIM is a highly popular club by PGA Tour players including guys like Rory McIlroy and Dustin Johnson.

Now, they made it even more forgiving and easy to hit with the same great look of the SIM2. This is their highest launching, most forgiving driver yet. Plus, it has a built-in draw-bias to help you minimize that nasty slice and turn it into a straight shot (or at least a playable cut). 

This forgiving driver is available in three shaft flexes; A, R, and S with the Fujikura Ventus Blue stock shaft. You can also choose a 9, 10.5, or 12 degree shaft for optimal launch and more distance off the tee.   

Top Questions About Forgiving Drivers

Picking a new driver is a big decision so we want to help you make the right one. Check out the top questions and answers about forgiving drivers below.

What is the most forgiving driver?

This article has the 11 most forgiving drivers for beginner to intermediate golfers. All of them are incredibly easy to hit and should help your long game off the tee. 

The trick is to find the one that fits your swing the most. This will depend on the driver loft, shaft, and how you adjust the club’s settings (if any). 

What driver loft is the most forgiving?

Great question as loft is one of the most important factors to get enough distance and forgiveness. The biggest mistake that most everyday golfers make is playing a driver with not enough loft. 

More loft doesn’t mean less distance.

Instead, you need enough loft to increase launch angle for longer carry distance. According to True Fit Clubs, “In general, the slower the swing or club speed, the higher the loft of the driver to optimize both carry and roll.” 

Later saying, “Let’s assume for now that you have a 100 mph club speed and your driver launch is 10.0 degrees, as shown in the chart above. Your maximum total distance would be 278 yards.  Now, if you could increase the loft to 12.4 degrees, your total distance would increase to 293 yards, an improvement of 15 yards.”

To find your ideal loft, we suggest measuring your clubhead speed with a launch monitor (or at a golf store). Then, test out different lofts to see how it impacts your total distance with your current driver and new drivers. 

Which driver has the most adjustability?

Two drivers that have tons of adjustability include the Titleist TSi2 and the Cobra LTDX. The Cobra is ideal for players who want both forgiveness and help reduce their slice. 

How do I pick the right driver shaft?

The drivers on this list are extremely forgiving but the wrong shaft can hurt your performance off the tee. When picking a new driver, don’t forget to consider your shaft by thinking about:

  • Flex: Let your clubhead speed determine your flex. Playing a shaft that is too stiff can hurt your total distance. 
  • Weight: A lighter shaft might go further but you could also lose some accuracy too. 
  • Length: Shorter clubs are easier to hit straighter. But don’t just chop an inch off your driver shaft as it can make it stiffer and adjust the kick point or torque. 

Wrapping Up

As golf continues to grow in popularity (largely due to the pandemic), manufacturers are expanding product lines to suit all types of golfers. There are more forgiving drivers on the market than ever before. Now you can play a similar version of your favorite PGA Tour player and hit it long off the tee.

When it comes to getting the most out of these drivers, make sure to buy the proper loft and shaft flex. 

Loft specifically plays a massive role in distance off the tee. One of the biggest mistakes that so many golfers make is playing a club with not enough loft. They want to be like their favorite pro who plays an 8 degree driver but in reality, they can’t swing like them!

Put your ego aside and play the correct loft for your game. Most high handicap players need 10.5 or even 12 degrees to maximize distance. Playing a shaft that isn’t too stiff is also super important as well.

Paired with a new, forgiving driver you will hit it longer than ever. 

Do you buy a new driver every year to help you gain more distance off the tee? 

Let us know in the comments below! 

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