Top 9 Best Putters for High Handicappers (2023)

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If you’re a high handicapper it’s essential you play golf clubs that suit your game. Putting can make or break your round, having a putter you are confident with can make a world of difference!

We have compiled this list of the best putters for high handicappers to save you time and trouble. Continue reading to find out more!

Overview: Best Putters for High Handicappers

The right golf putter will always make a difference in your game.

Whether you are looking for a blade putter or a mallet, or just anything that will fit your style, this list has what you’re looking for!

  • Top Pick: Odyssey White Hot OG Putter
  • Best Value: TaylorMade Spider Interactive Putter
  • Best Budget Pick: Pinemeadow Black Zinc Putter
  • Titleist Scotty Cameron Phantom X Mallet Putter
  • See more FGP Black Mallet Putter
  • Cleveland Frontline 4.0 Putter
  • Rife Two Bar Mallet Putter
  • PXG Gen2 Operator
  • S7K Standing Putter
  • Evnroll E5RB Putter

Best Putters for High Handicappers: In-Depth Review

"The three most important clubs are the Driver, the Putter, and the Wedge." -

This list will show you the best putters for high handicap golfers to help you in sinking more putts. Remember, our goal is to eliminate three-putts and improve our one-putt frequency.

Odyssey White Hot OG Putter (Top Pick)

Top Pick
Odyssey Golf White Hot OG Putter

Odyssey Golf White Hot OG Putter

  • Odyssey white hot og putters feature the original white hot formulation, feel, sound and performance in one exceptional two-part urethane insert. 
  • This classic name is synonymous with legendary performance
  • Odyssey engineers have combined a rich silver pvd finish with fine milling on the surfaces

Out of the list of the best putters for high handicappers, this one came out on top. Let us tell you why.

This white-hot insert putter features a two-part urethane insert with exceptional formulation, feel sound, and performance.

Aside from the exceptional feel, this White-Hot insert also dampens vibration, and this premium insert produces a quick forward roll and a clear 2-ball alignment guide.

With a rich PVD finish combined with fine milling on the surfaces, this putter has a beautiful design that has a classic look.

In terms of accuracy, it has a gray DFX Rubber Grip that is precisely fitted so that you can maintain high performance.

Have we mentioned that it is a well-balanced putter with a forgiving face? Odyssey is the first to release the two-ball putter back then, and it’s one of the best putters to exist.

In the same way, the Odyssey White Hot OG Putter takes everything into account, which is why it’s one of the best putters for high handicappers.

  • Exceptional feel
  • Wide alignment system
  • Milled surface
  • Has a heavy head
  • Distance control can be hard to manage on slower greens

TaylorMade Spider Putter (Best Value)

Best Value
TaylorMade Spider Interactive Putter

TaylorMade Spider Interactive Putter

  • With valuable insights, training levels, Pro tips, and drills, you can monitor your practice, identify trends, and more
  • Blast charging pad, micro USB cable, sensor install key, yellow plug, White sensor, storage pouch
  • Spider interactive includes a free app download for iOS and Android
  • Metrics include timing, tempo, stroke length, speed, and rotation

If you want the same equipment as professional golf players, this one is the perfect putter for you.

The TaylorMade Spider is an excellent putter with a lot of high-tech features. It has a high moment of inertia (MOI), which means this putter is more forgiving and twisting-resistant.

It also has a heavier 320g frame, which helps improve distance control.

The best putters for high handicappers must be equipped with an alignment system. And the TaylorMade Spider features one.

With a True Path Alignment System, you will line up your putts easier. This optically-engineered system helps golfers make a lot of putts.

And don’t even get us started with its grip sensor and Blast app, which can help a high handicapper practice. Thanks to its pure roll insert, it has a better sound at impact.

TaylorMade Golf Putter has different versions available, with several shaft options and colors (gold, navy blue, and gray).

  • Best putter for practicing
  • Features a True Path Alignment
  • Forgiving putter
  • TaylorMade Golf makes quality putters which are durable
  • TaylorMade Spider is a bit on the heavier side
  • The insert can be too soft for some golf players
  • There is no straight shaft option

Pinemeadow Black Zinc Putter (Best Budget Pick)

Best Budget
Pinemeadow Black Zinc Putter

Pinemeadow Black Zinc Putter

  • Rounded grip
  • Classic blade style putter
  • Lightweight

A blade putter is known for its distance control and accuracy on longer putts. [R] This is super beneficial for high handicappers.

This is because a blade putter puts more weight on the toe, with its sweet spot closer towards the heel. If you are a golf player with an arc stroke, this could be the right putter for you.

This Black Zinc Putter from Pinemeadow has clear alignment aids that help achieve a more consistent putting stroke, and you can deliver a straight roll off of the face.

High handicappers will also appreciate that it is lightweight. Weighing around one pound, this blade-style putter ensures great distance control for longer putts.

What makes us love this one out of all the blade putters out there is its solid and soft feel, which will aid a high handicap golfer to be more comfortable sinking more putts.

Have we mentioned that it is also backed by a one-year warranty with incredible value for money? Talk about a complete package!

However, one possible downside for a high handicapper is it does not have an insert, which can somehow affect longer putts.

  • Quality materials are used
  • Alignment aids for a high handicapper
  • Lightweight
  • Ensures a consistent putting stroke
  • Does not have an insert
  • Longer putts are affected

Titleist Scotty Cameron Phantom X

Titleist Scotty Cameron Phantom X Putter

Titleist Scotty Cameron Phantom X Putter

  • Contains multiple components with precision milling
  • Preferred alignment on the tour
  • Solid face technology
  • Exclusively designed grip
  • Multiple rod curvature options

For sure, you have heard of the brand Titleist, as it is one of the well-known names in the field of golf.

This is another putter with a larger club head around the club face. They are generally known for their “half-moon” shape.

Mallet putters have better stability, straighter putting stroke, and more consistent performance on longer putts. [R]

Tiger Woods won 14 out of 15 major championships with a Scotty Cameron putter.

This is a solid precision-milled steel putter with a weighting that produces stability and maximum forgiveness. High handicappers will surely benefit from that!

Plus, the Solid Face Technology and multiple rod curvature options of the Scotty Cameron are super amazing! This allows flexibility for high handicappers to figure out what’s best for them.

The cherry on top has several alignment lines to guide the golf ball position. This is especially helpful when you’re having difficulty hitting your target line.

  • Perfect balanced point
  • Solid feel
  • Helps high handicappers have better aim
  • Not recommended for those with forwarding press
  • Does not focus on improving distance control

Seemore FGP Black Mallet Putter

Seemore FGP Black Mallet Putter

Seemore FGP Black Mallet Putter

  • Headcover included
  • Seemore's original classic blade and mallet designs
  • The rst is a true reference point for perfect alignment and set up on every putt.
  • Fgp series putters feature perfect face balancing at impact

If you enjoy mallet putters, then you will love this one too! Seemore’s straight shaft has a design and functionality that is unique.

It features SeeMore’s patented technology for alignment guide called RifleScope Technology (RST). This is a must-have for putters for high handicappers.

Because of this, high handicappers will be guided to take better aim. RST is a true reference point that helps the golf ball set up on every putt.

It also has white lines on the putter head to help high handicappers visualize. In terms of feel, this one is solid as it is a classic blade made of alloy steel.

If one of your biggest worries in golf is balancing, then you would be glad to know that the FGP series features perfect face-balanced putters.

This means that the putter face at impact would be perfectly square. All of these features help high handicappers have better alignment and aim.

Just a fun fact: This mallet-style putter has already won two major championships!

  • Perfect balanced point
  • Solid feel
  • Helps high handicappers have better aim
  • Not recommended for those with forwarding press
  • Does not focus on improving distance control

Cleveland Frontline 4.0 Putter

Standard Grip
Cleveland Frontline 4.0 Putter

Cleveland Frontline 4.0 Putter

  • Tungsten forward weighting and the center of gravity positioned closer to the face
  • Speed optimized face Technology
  • Better aim - achieve perfect alignment on every putt
  • Stroke Type: Slight Arc 

Want a consistent roll when putting? Cleveland’s Frontline 4.0 Putter has got you covered!

With Speed Optimized Face Technology, this alloy steel putter has tungsten forward weighting and a center of gravity placed near the putter face.

This means that it has more accurate putts, with a more consistent distance in-between. Your ball speed will have minimal differences throughout the whole game.

High handicappers will benefit from these features. Not to mention that this putter also has additional hostel configurations.

This ensures that an average golfer or high handicappers will adjust the putter to find a superior fit they are comfortable in.

Cleveland used rubber in terms of grip material, which can be uncomfortable for some.

This is the best putter for those looking for consistent ball speed and accuracy throughout all their putts.

  • Promises accuracy and durability
  • One of the best putters for high handicappers
  • Consistent performance
  • Rubber material might not be comfortable for the grip

Rife Two Bar Mallet Putter

Rife Two Bar Mallet Putter

Rife Two Bar Mallet Putter

  • Famous Roll Groove Technology Precision Milled Face Scorelines 
  • Milled Top Edge, Cavity And Bumpers For Exacting Head Weight 
  • Black PVD Plated Non-Glare Head Finish 

If you prefer to use your left or right eye to play golf, this is the best putter. The Rift Two Bar Putter is perfect for lead-eye dominant players.

It also helps that it has adjustable weights. The weights are even removable, so high handicappers can have the flexibility for multiple feels.

The putter face has a good balance point with a 3/4 shaft offset.

We love this putter because it offers multiple shaft lengths from 32″ to 37″.

If you have heard of Evnroll putters, you must also know that Guerin Rife, the man behind those legendary putters, is also this brand.

This putter has a two-bar design that caters to a narrow set of golf players out of all the golf putters.

  • Caters to lead-eye dominant players
  • Offers multiple shaft lefts
  • Flexible in terms of weight and feel
  • Often hard to come by since it caters to a narrow subset of golf players

S7K Standing Putter

Highly Rated
S7K Standing Putter for

S7K Standing Putter for

  • Stop missing putts from 10 feet and in
  • Trust your line and make a confident stroke 
  • Ultra-light grip and shaft transfer tons of feedback to your hands

As the name suggests, the S7K putter can stand by itself, and this is because of its unique weighting.

Did you know that this putter can also stand by itself on slopes? It’s pretty mind-blowing if you ask us!

If you are a beginner when it comes to playing golf, consider this putter as a super helpful tutorial for you to navigate towards what works for you.

The S7K is a heavy putter, great for short putts. It also allows the golfer to check your line, stroke, and sink more putts.

It has an ultra-light grip, which gives you instant feedback with each stroke when it comes to the feel.

Have we mentioned that it is available in right and left-hand models? This inclusive putter is legal for tournament play.

If you aim to join one soon, you won’t have to buy another putter. The S7K is one of the most unique putters we have ever come across!

  • Easy alignment
  • Solid and smooth feel
  • Gives instant feedback
  • Value
  • Not a style for everyone

Evnroll ER5 Putter

Evnroll ER5 Hatchback  Mallet Putter

Evnroll ER5 Hatchback Mallet Putter

  • Custom EVNROLL black pistol grip Length
  • Winged mallet design
  • 70 degrees Stock Grip
  • Single bend mounted directly into the head 

If you want consistency, the ER5 will come in handy for you! Let us tell you why.

The brand’s name implies that the goal is for you to achieve an “even roll” for every putt, regardless of whether your strike is slightly off-center.

They say the best putters for high handicappers are those with the most forgiveness, and the ER5 is one of them.

The secret to the consistency of this putter is the combination of a 100% milled face and tapered grooves. Both of these features produce an ultimately even roll every time.

Not to mention that it is very lightweight at 0.59kg too!

The ER5 is a semi-mallet design putter with an easy alignment guide, which will train a high handicapper or a beginner to achieve better consistency in their putts.

  • Lightweight
  • Achieves consistent roll
  • Maximum forgiveness
  • Price

Buying Guide: Choosing the Right Putter for You

Now that we’ve listed the best putters for high handicappers in the previous section, let us tell you how to choose the right one.

Always consider these factors when you’re about to choose which putter to buy for your next games:

  • Forgiveness
  • Alignment
  • Length
  • Value for money
  • Style
  • Feel

We will discuss these in the next subsections below.


Have you ever thought, “I don’t sink enough putts, I’ll never reduce my handicap”? Well, you’d be surprised at how many people are thinking the same.

This goal is to build your confidence while playing golf, so you won’t be discouraged when you are not breaking 90 yet.

A putter with a high level of forgiveness will also improve one’s distance control, leading to a more consistent game.

A beginner or a high handicapper still practicing their perfect stroke will benefit so much from a forgiving putter. The features of this putter will make up for it, trust us!

When you start putting with one, you’d be amazed that you will begin to shoot lower scores and have more confidence in yourself. This will translate to better swings for sure!


Alignment is one of the major concerns for beginners and high handicappers. Of course, you want to reach your target line, and the only way to do that is to aim properly, right?

We recommend that the putter you will get has an alignment guide and easy-to-understand visual aids.

You’ll want to see the guides properly. Pick guides that are easy to see even with a little distance.

This list shows that these different putters have varying styles for their guides.

Regardless of whether you prefer a single line or multiple lines for advanced guidance, the important thing is your new putter will have a guide that you will understand.

This will significantly increase your number of putts per round, plus help you set up a square at the address.


Here’s the thing: the length of your putters directly affects your vision over the ball.

If your putter length is too short or too long, it will be detrimental to your eye position over the ball and can even confuse your aim.

This will make it harder to hit that “sweet spot” we aim for, and we don’t want that to happen.

The length of your putter mainly depends on your height. Here is a quick guideline:

  • 5’2″ to 5’4″ = 33 inches
  • 5’4″ to 5’6″ = 33.5 inches
  • 5’6″ to 5’8″ = 34 inches
  • 5’8″ to 6’0″ = 34.5 inches
  • 6’0″ to 6’2″ = 35 inches

The interval continues like that. If you don’t find your height there, just add or subtract 0.5 from the length of the putter.

Value for Money

Everyone wants to get their money’s worth, right? Well, think of purchasing your best putter as an investment.

We recommend that you ask yourself some questions before purchasing. What are you using the putter for? Will you join tournaments, or are you doing this as a hobby?

Remember, you will be satisfied if the putter answers your needs. Some golfers tend to spend some $400 – $500 on their driver but often neglect their putter.

We’re here to tell you that the flat stick of your golf club is also important.

If you find a putter right for you, it can last years or even decades. This is why you must put the time and effort into making sure your putter fits you well.

It’s not a secret that some putters might be a little on the pricey side, such as blade putters and TaylorMade’s spider putters.

But, when you come to think of it, if it means that you have found the perfect putter for you, isn’t it worth the price anyway?


There are so many different styles of putters out there, and one of the best ways to find out what you like is to try them out in person.

Another golfer might tell you that his model is the best blade putter, but unless it matches you, you won’t be able to enjoy using it, right?

The thing is, the type of putter depends on what stroke you have. For example, blade putters are for those with an arc stroke.

These putters are for those who hit the middle of the putter head, and they are best for those with “quiet hands.”

On the other hand, Mallet putters are the perfect match for those who keep the face square on the way back and through. These are best for those with a minimal arc in their stroke.

They have a higher MOI, so even if you don’t have that “perfect stroke” yet, the ball will still roll out the same as a good putt.

What we recommend you to do is to try out some for yourself. Determine which feels right for you and what kind of style will help you hit that “sweet spot.”


Have you ever been in a situation where you tried out a piece of clothing and immediately knew that it’s a dress that’s been “made for you”?

Well, the same thing goes with putters. As mentioned above, purchasing a putter is an investment, but it does not always have to go through a rigorous screening process.

You also have to ask yourself, “Does it feel right when I use it?” More likely than not, the putter that is right for you will make you feel good standing over it.

This will help you become more comfortable putting and improving your overall game. Who knows, this might be the key to helping you find that “sweet spot”!

We’re saying here that you’ll know whether the putter you are holding is the one for you.

Some putters will feel awkward and heavy, but the perfect putter for you will feel “just right.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Got some more questions and clarifications? We got you covered!

Hopefully, this subsection will help you achieve some clarity in the type of club head you’ll be purchasing.

Is a Heavier Putter Better?

If you struggle with distance control, then a heavier putter will help you.

High handicappers who haven’t mastered their backswing and control over their hit will benefit from a heavier putter.

These putters require less motion. For high handicappers, this will be one less thing to think about and will make you comfortable playing, too.

Not only that, heavier putters make it so much easier to keep the face square on short putts. This means that you’ll have better accuracy in short-range golf.

Just some random life hack! If you want to add some more weight to your club head, you can always add some lead tape to make it even heavier.

Should I Use an Offset Putter?

You might have heard of an offset putter during major golf championships.

Legendary players such as Tiger Woods, Steve Stricker, and other big names in golf are known for using offset putters but let us tell you something.

More probably than not, these players have already found their “sweet spot.” Some say that using an offset putter is all about eye dominance, but we beg to differ.

Many golfers will tend to aim the putter head to the right of an offset putter.

If you are still struggling with the accuracy of your putts, then we recommend that you stick with a straight-shaft putter instead.

Should I Use a Slim-Grip Putter?

The grip you are supposed to be using will depend on what you’re struggling with.

We recommend a slipper grip if you miss your putts to the right. But, if your puts are all over the place and lack direction, a fatter grip will help you better.

It will provide a pendulum motion with no or minimum hand action.

Recap: Our Top Three Best Putters for High Handicappers

Let’s do a quick recap on the best products on this list! No need to scroll up!

Best Budget-Pick: Pinemeadow Black Zinc Putter

Working on a smaller budget but still want to get a quality putter? Pinemeadow Black Zinc Putter is a perfectly weighted putter with a perfect grip.

This putter will help you achieve a smooth and controlled stroke. Pair this with improving your overall accuracy and better scores while playing, and you get the best putter at a budget price!

With an unbeatable direct factory cost, this putter will surprise you with its excellent performance, backed by a one-year warranty!

Best Value: TaylorMade Spider Interactive Putter

If you are looking for the best putter to provide a bang for your buck, then the TaylorMade Spider will fit your search.

With a mid-slip grip, this putter promises that you will learn how to putt like a pro. This putter is like a tutorial to high handicappers with its True Alignment guide.

If you want to improve your overall aim and build your confidence in playing golf, TaylorMade Spider Interactive Putter will never let you down, for sure!

Top Pick: Odyssey White Hot OG Putter

A premium experience that is friendly to both veterans and beginners alike. That’s what the Odyssey White Hot OG Putter is…

Our top pick promises exceptional performance with its White Hot formulation, two-part urethane insert, and much more stable shaft.

These will help high handicapper improve their stroke and achieve more consistency throughout the game.

Wrapping up

We hope you learned a thing or two from this article!

Remember, your putter can improve your game, so be sure to invest in your putter as much as you invest in your other golf equipment.

And lastly, keep in mind that you should never ignore what feels right for you, as that intuition will help you choose.

Enjoy your golf!

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