Best Golf Training Aids: Our Top Picks to Help Your Game

Golf Training

Golf is always testing us.

Some days we can’t miss the sweet spot, other days we can’t find that spot if our lives depend on it. Practice can help groove a consistent swing, as long as you practice the right way. 

The great instructor Harvey Penick once said, “Every day I see golfers out there banging away at bucket after bucket. If I ask them what they’re doing, they say, ‘What does it look like I’m doing, Harvey? I’m practicing!’ Well, they’re getting exercise all right. But few of them are really practicing.” 

To help make each session more effective, you might need to recruit some help with golf training aids. We’ve done a ton of research to help you find ones to help with all parts of your game. 

15 Best Golf Training Aids For Full Swing 

If you do a quick search for training aids in golf, you’ll find hundreds of items promising to make you a better player. Some are great, while others are total junk that you will use once and never think about again. But these training aids below are well worth the money and most of them are extremely affordable too. 

1. Lag Shot 7-Iron

Swing Trainer
Lag Shot 7 Iron Golf Swing Trainer Aid

Lag Shot 7 Iron Golf Swing Trainer Aid

  • #1 golf swing trainer!
  • Super flexible shaft golf training aid promotes perfect tempo, timing and more clubhead speed!
  • 7 iron golf swing trainer aid is great for all golfers
  • Includes free video training

Creating lag in your golf swing is a power move that separates great ball strikers from everyday golfers. But creating lag isn’t always easy to feel and or teach. Luckily, the lag shot 7-iron can teach you this power move in only 10 swings a day – they guarantee it! 

The Lag Shot helps create better tempo, timing, and add more lag to your golf swing (which means more clubhead speed and distance). You can use this handy training aid on the golf course or at home plus it also comes with a video training and 30-day guarantee.

Additionally, they also make a driver version, junior, women, and XL men size too. These clubs are great for beginner to intermediate golfers as they make it easy to groove a consistent swing. Plus, you can hit balls with it, practice with it at home, or even use it in the parking lot before a round. It’s easy to see why this was rated the #1 golf swing trainer aid by Golf Digest.

Related: Planemate 2.0 by Tour Striker 

Another similar training aid that can help your swing is the Planemate by Tour Striker. This product has the same goal as the Lag Shot – learn how to create more lag and power in your swing. 

One of the biggest issues that most everyday golfers struggle with is coming over the top on the downswing. But the Planemate corrects this move by creating a one-piece takeaway (which feels outside to most golfers), and makes it easier to drop the club in the slot. This makes it easier to swing in to out on the downswing, compress the ball, and improve distance. 

Plus, like the Lag Shot, you can also hit golf balls with the device. Simply secure the belt around your waist, attach the clamp to the club as instructed, and start swinging. 

Click here to learn more about this swing trainer now. 

2. Balight Golf Swing Trainer Aid

Great Value
Balight Golf Swing Trainer Aid and Correction for Grip Tempo & Flexibility

Balight Golf Swing Trainer Aid and Correction for Grip Tempo & Flexibility

  • Swing correction & improvement convenient swing tempo trainer
  • Ideal golf trainer for indoor & outdoor
  • 100% money back guarantee

The Balight Golf swing Trainer is an easy-to-use swing tempo trainer. It’s great for feeling the right plane and a great tool to warm up before a round. 

While the Orange Whip training aid might have more popularity, I would argue this is just as useful of a tool and half the price. It has different versions depending on height, and just as effective but saves you money for other golf gear. 

You can use this before a round, at home when you want to stay loose, or at the driving range. Choose the 40-inch version if you are under 5’6” or an intermediate level player. If you’re taller than 5’6” and a more advanced golfer, opt for the 48-inch version. 

3. Practice Net and Mat

Golf Practice Net

Golf Practice Net

  • 5-in-1 practice net target set
  • Super large size & stability
  • Premium-quality materials
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Foldable and portable golf net

If you like to work on your golf swing at home, you will love the SASRL mat and net. For an unbelievably low price, you can get a 7×10 foot net, driving mat, rubber tee holder, golf balls, and a carry bag with one purchase. 

The net is huge and allows you to hit full drivers without a problem. Plus, it has three chipping target pockets to work on shorter shots and a main target to aim at. The enclosure guards against errant shots and it’s made of high-quality material that is tear resistant. 

You can set this up in your backyard for outdoor use or indoors as well. It’s easy to assemble and has everything you need to start working on your swing from the comfort of your home.

If you want a mat that simulates rough too, check out this one as well. Practicing full swing shots from different lies will help your game much more than just hitting from the fairway. 

4. Divot Board

Highly Rated
Divot Board: Patented Low Point and Swing Path Trainer

Divot Board: Patented Low Point and Swing Path Trainer

  • Immediate feedback anywhere you can swing a golf club
  • Interpret ball flight and strike quality by reading your divot
  • Improve low-point consistency every practice session
  • Identify the centeredness of your strike on every shot
  • Check swing path and toe heel height of the clubface through impact

Divots never lie in golf!

If you hit a pull or a push, the divot will be right or left of your target. If you hit it fat, your divot will be behind the golf ball and if you hit it thin, you will have almost no divot which is also a tell-tale sign of hitting up on the golf ball.

Needless to say, you can learn a lot from your divots. But if you practice from mats, you might not get the benefit of seeing your divots like you would on a grass driving range. Luckily, the Divot Board gives you feedback, even if you can’t hit from grass.

The Divot Board is a small training aid that lets you swing and get instant feedback without hitting a golf ball. After you take a swing, you can see the divot pattern and the low point of your shot. Plus, spot any trends in practice like coming over the top or hitting behind the golf ball.

After each shot, rub your hand the opposite way to convert the synthetic turf back to normal. This aid is portable, works for right or left-handers, and should last you a long time. 

5. Superspeed Golf Sticks

Highly Rated
SuperSpeed Golf Sticks

SuperSpeed Golf Sticks

  • The 1 swing speed training system in golf
  • Used by more than 700 tour pros
  • The Superspeed Golf Training System Includes 3 Specifically Weighted Clubs And Over 2 Years Of Online Video Instruction
  • Increase your club head speed by 5% in 6 weeks

Speed is one of the most important parts of developing a great swing. As golf courses emphasize distance above all else, it’s vital to hit it as long as possible with your driver. While new equipment is a big part of the equation, the biggest factor is clubhead speed.

That doesn’t mean swinging out of your shoes on every single tee box though. Instead, it’s about increasing swing speed through proven techniques. One of the most common ways to add speed is with SuperSpeed golf sticks.

These are the #1 speed training system in golf and used by more than 700 Tour pros! The set of three weighted clubs will increase your clubhead speed by 5% in six weeks based on their data. I’ve personally used these for years and can say first hand they work great. 

The swing sticks come with training videos so you can use them at home, every other day. These are very effective to use in the off season and can directly increase swing speed for longer drives. Plus, this speed will translate to all clubs in your bag which should make it easy to shoot lower scores.  

6. Down Under Board 2.0

Great Value
DownUnder Board 2.0 Tour Edition

DownUnder Board 2.0 Tour Edition

  • Improve your golf swing: Trains you to feel what a pga tour swing feels like
  • The patented downunder board 2.0 can be adjusted in length from 14 to 18 inches long
  • Perfect golf gift any age or skill level
  • Swing like a pro: The downunder board is used by over 100 tour pros

The Down Under Board 2.0 is the newest training aid to help you better understand multiple aspects of your game including weight transfer, stance, path, transition, and impact position. It specifically helps with weight transfer and great for golfers who sway on the backswing. 

From wedges to driver, this device will help you stabilize the lower body and rotate the upper body perfectly. If you have “happy feet” and move too much during your swing, this board will fix it once and for all. 

Alternate: Callaway Golf Power Platform

If you want help feeling the proper weight transfer in your  backswing, the Callaway Golf Platform can help. It’s a fraction of the price of the Down Under board but still an effective tool and meant to help eliminate swaying in your backswing. 

This tiny platform promotes hip rotation and will keep your weight centered. Plus, it’s so small you can easily carry in your bag without taking up too much space. Overall, one of the best training aids for about the price of a golf glove. 

7. Smart Ball Swing Trainer

Great Value
Smart Ball Swing Trainer

Smart Ball Swing Trainer

  • Can be used to correctly grasp the swing posture, fix and strengthen the arm distance muscle memory and avoid arm bending 
  • Great for beginner to practice and professional for teaching and improving swing performance 

The original “Smart Ball” from Tour Striker is one of the best training aids for golfers of all skill levels. But they were wildly overpriced considering it’s simply an inflatable ball and lanyard that goes around your neck. Now, there are similar inflatable balls that give you all the same results.

The Smart Ball trainer is so effective because the ball rests between your arms throughout the swing. It will help you feel proper forearm position, upper body rotation, and getting into a powerful impact position too. 

8. SKLZ Grip Trainer

Helps Muscle Memory
SKLZ Golf Grip Trainer

SKLZ Golf Grip Trainer

  • Creates muscle memory for proper hand positioning and grip
  • Attaches to most clubs from driver through wedge
  • Small enough for your bag
  • Perfect for practice or pre-round range sessions
  • Built for right-handed golfers

Your grip is one of the most important parts of a consistent golf swing. If your grip is too weak (like most golfers), it makes it so much harder to hit a straight or draw shot. It leads to weak slices that frustrate you, lose distance, and make it nearly impossible to score well.

Changing your grip isn’t easy but it’s one of the foundations of golf, so it’s worth the hassle. One of the best ways to do this is with a grip trainer like this option from SKLZ. 

The small training aid attaches to most clubs from driver to wedge to get your hands positioned properly. It’s small enough so it can stay in your golf bag and a great way to check your grip in practice. Plus, you can keep it on an extra club at home so you can work on your grip position even if you don’t have time to practice at the golf course. 

9. BirdieBall

12 Pack
BirdieBall Practice Golf Balls

BirdieBall Practice Golf Balls

  • True feel and flight-birdie ball has a limited flight distance of 40 yards from a full impact swing
  • Spins exactly like a golf ball-gives you true swing feedback with a rewarding flight & sound
  • Effective and fun-used at golf schools, endorsed by teaching pros & enjoyed by golfers of every age
  • Durable construction, super polymer, birdie balls wont break like other practice balls

The BirdieBall is a great new product that lets you practice from anywhere! Whether it’s a park, open field, empty parking lot, or anywhere with 40 yards of space, you can learn a ton about your game. 

You can hit full shots even with a driver and the max distance it will travel is about 40 yards. Thanks to the revolutionary technology, it spins just like a normal ball and you can see if you hit it straight, sliced it, or hit a draw

As the company said on their website, “Like a golf ball, the BirdieBall flies with reverse spin around its horizontal axis. Allowing you to draw and fade, you’ll know you’ve made good contact by the gratifying sound and feel produced after a pure strike.” 

10. Golf Impact Power Smash Bag

Highly Rated
TuhooMall Golf Impact Power Smash Bag

TuhooMall Golf Impact Power Smash Bag

  • Scientific design according to the basic principles of the golf swing
  • It is recommended to fill cloth, old clothes and other soft items in the golf impact bag
  • Helps players develop better ball striking

Impact is where the magic happens in your golf swing. To feel a better impact position, a smash bag can help you tons. 

While the SKLZ Smash Bag Golf Swing Trainer is a comparable product, it is not nearly as well reviewed. The TuhooMall is about the same price, available in three colors, and appears to be a much higher quality product. Just make sure to fill with soft things like old clothes, or cloth, not sand or dirt to avoid injuries.

Short Game Training Aids 

While the training aids above will help you groove a more consistent golf swing, don’t forget about the short game either. Improving your chipping, pitching, and putting is one of the easiest ways to shave strokes off your scorecard and lower your handicap!

11. Indoor Putting Green

Most golfers don’t have enough time to get to the course as we’d all like. Having a job, family, and other obligations can limit our practice time, but there is something you can buy to never miss a day of golf – an indoor putting green.

Since putting is such a crucial part of the game, having an indoor setup at your home or office is a great way to master your putting.

Here are three of our favorite indoor greens: 

Highly Rated
PUTT-A-BOUT Practice Putting Green
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Kidney shaped practice putting green
  • High quality putting surface stays smooth
  • Built in sand trap cutouts catch missed shots
  • Non skid backing 
Great Value
Prowithlin Practice Putting Green
  • High-quality constructionmade of high-quality crystal velvet that wont wrinkle
  • Auto ball return system
  • Accuracy trainingmarkers at 2, 4, 6, and 8 feet
  • Conveniently sized and easy to carry
WELLPUTT Golf Putting Training Mat
  • Professional 13 x 1.64ft putting training mat
  • Multiple visual aids for body and putter alignment
  • Two rolling speeds according to the play direction
  • 54 exercises on 3 different levels

12. Pro Path Golf Putting Mirror

Low Price
Back 2 Basics Golf Universal Golf Putting Alignment Mirror and Gates

Back 2 Basics Golf Universal Golf Putting Alignment Mirror and Gates

  • Elevate your golf game with the universal premium golf putting mirror
  • Designed by PGA pros Richard Woodhouse and Grant Field
  • Ideal for golfers of all abilities
  • Putt on-the-go

If you want to putt like the 2022 Players Champion Cameron Smith, this is the device for you. 

The portable training aid will help you align your shoulders and set up to all putts with a square setup. Once you’re set up properly, it allows for a 15 degree natural arc that provides instant feedback on every putt.

Unlike a lot of devices, it’s also easy to use; just insert tees into the proper spots and you’re ready to go. It’s portable, works for right or left-hand players, and delivers instant feedback to help you drain more putts. It comes with the mirror, four putting gates, and sleek black carry bag to easily transport to the golf course. 

Optional: Putting Gates 

If you already have a putting mirror, you can buy the gates separately. These are great training aids to help you master your short game and 10X your confidence on the greens. 

These devices help you understand your start line and improve your alignment because if you have the right alignment, it makes it so much easier to drain more putts. Plus, they have four sizes so you can use these gates for different drills. 

Start with the biggest gate and as you get familiar with it, work your way down. When you get to the “0” gate, you should be able to putt like a pro. The only downside is that they only work outdoors as you need to insert them into the putting green. 

Click here to learn more:

13. Pop-Up Chipping Net 

DURARANGE Pop-up Golf Chipping Net

DURARANGE Pop-up Golf Chipping Net

  • Comes with the lawn saver mat & 6 driving range golf balls
  • Measures 12 by 12 only when folded, 25 by 25 after fully open
  • Three targets training system suitable for golfers at all levels
  • Easy setup- assemble in seconds
  • Golf anywhere

While an indoor putting green is a great idea, a pop-up chipping net will help improve your pitches so you have closer putts. This net is small, pops up instantly, and easy to store. Hit toward one of three different targets inside with the foam balls or outside with real golf balls. 

14. Pocket Bunker

No Sand Needed
Pocket Bunker: Practice Golf Bunker Shots Off Grass

Pocket Bunker: Practice Golf Bunker Shots Off Grass

  • Accurate response to good, thin, fat and shanked shots.
  • Extremely durable, great value.
  • Versatile, improves bunker and flop shots. Used by all levels of players.

If you’re like most golfers, you know that your sand game needs work. But finding time to get to the course and find a good practice bunker isn’t always easy, especially if you live in a remote location. 

Luckily, there is now a solution.

The Pocket Bunker makes it easy to work on your bunker game, even if there is no sand nearby. You can use this at the driving range or at home. The ball is attached to the legs and accurately mimics a ball in a bunker. It makes it easy to feel like you are “sweeping the legs” out which will correlate to taking enough sand out of the bunker.

This should help you get out of the bunker every single time and save tons of shots around the green. It also works for flop shots and due to the design, should last you a long time. 

15. Putting Tutor

Improve Green Reading
Pelz Golf DP4007 Putting Tutor

Pelz Golf DP4007 Putting Tutor

  • Designed to identify the putts you strike squarely and start rolling on-line
  • Improve green reading
  • Great for all skill levels
  • Easy to use

Dave Pelz is one of the most famous golf instructors in the world and the author of several books including The Short Game Bible. Needless to say, Dave knows a thing or two about saving shots from close range.

His putting training aid, the Putting Tutor, is incredibly simple but one of the most effective training aids available. Whether you’re a 25 handicap or a scratch golfer, this small device can do wonders for your putting. It’s also used by PGA Tour players and Phil Mickeslon is known to use it before competitive rounds. 

The goal of this putting aid is simple – ensure you hit the putt squarely by getting your ball started on the proper line. Plus, it will teach you how to understand how much greens break and drastically improve your green reading. Not to mention, there are different levels so you can start at the easiest and work your way up to the advanced over time. 

Top Questions

To make your buying decision easy, here are some of the top questions and answers to find the right gear for your golf goals.

Do golf swing training aids work? 

While not every training aid works, most of them can help with one or more aspects of your swing and game. The problem is that most golfers are looking for an overnight solution instead of putting in the work over time. 

Do swing trainers and training aids work? Yes, that’s why we showcased our favorites on this list. But they won’t make you a scratch golfer overnight. They’re simply a tool to help you groove a more consistent swing and fix some of your bad habits.

The good news is that there’s a training aid for just about every type of swing issue. Whether you want to add more speed, create more lag, or improve your grip, there’s a fix out there. 

While training aids do work when you put in the work, don’t use them for 100% of your practice routine. They’re an aid, not something to use with each swing. Otherwise, it’s easy to get too reliant on these tools and make it hard to take your range game successfully to the golf course. 

Can you use a training aid during a round of golf?

No, training aids are not allowed to be used during the round according to Rule 4.3a. Any device that impacts your alignment, posture, grip, swing weights, etc. is not allowed on the golf course. Use them at home or the driving range to train your swing so it’s ready to go when you tee it up. 

What training aids do PGA players use?

PGA players are just like us and use whatever training aid they need to get results. They’re prone to developing bad habits over time just like the casual golfer and aren’t afraid to use training aids. Some of the most common ones I’ve seen on pro tours include:

Remember, don’t buy a training aid that you see your favorite pro using. Instead, diagnose the issue you’re trying to fix (swing plane, grip, alignment, etc.) then buy the correct training aid.  

How can I train my golf swing at home?

Chances are you don’t have enough time to make it to the golf course as much as you’d like. But don’t worry, you can still practice at home and make huge strides in your game.

Some of the easiest ways to practice at home are:

  • Using a swing trainer 20-40 swings per day
  • Increasing speed with SuperSpeed golf sticks
  • Buying an indoor putting mat and working on short putts
  • Reading golf books about short game and course strategy
  • Hitting with a net and mat (add a launch monitor to make it even more effective) 

What is the best swing trainer?

There are tons of swing trainers in the golf world. The original swing trainer was the Momentus and still a great tool to help you practice at home. But the only downside is that you can’t hit golf balls with the weighted club.

The top ranked swing trainer in 2022 by Golf Digest was the Lag Shot which we discussed above. It’s easy to use, doesn’t require hours of practice to see results, and can make a big difference in your backswing and downswing. We highly recommend this training aid as you can use it daily and easily feel the movements of a consistent golf swing. 

Wrapping Up

These training aids can help your golf game but don’t forget, they only work if you use them! I know I’m guilty of this from time to time – buying a new gadget, only to use them a few times per year. Recently, I started carrying a golf backpack in my car that houses my training aids so I have no excuse to not work on them.

While these are all great products, don’t rely on training aids for every single practice session. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to play golf on the course with much consistency. Use these training aids but don’t let them become a crutch either. 

What is your favorite golf training aid?

Let us know in the comments below! 

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