Lead Tape Golf Club Customization: What Is It and Does It Apply to Modern Golf Clubs?

Lead Tape Golf

Up until the mid-80s, golfers still had clubs in their bags that essentially had been handmade.

But how would a golfer using persimmon woods and blade irons make changes to their clubs and if so, how would they go about doing it?

The answer to these questions was lead tape.

Blades vs Cavity Back Irons: Which Should You Play? 

Blades vs Cavity Back Irons

If you’re like a lot of golfers I’m sure you’ve asked yourself… “Should I play blades or cavity back irons?”

It’s a good question because the wrong set of irons can make it very difficult to hit greens in regulation. Not to mention nearly impossible to make birdies. But a good set of irons can make all the difference if they match your swing speed and handicap.