TaylorMade P770 vs P790 Irons: Settling the Debate

Taylormade P770 vs P790

If you’re looking for a new set of irons, it’s hard to beat TaylorMade. The TaylorMade P770 vs. 790 irons are one of the greatest debates among golfers as both are incredible clubs. 

When it comes to the right irons, choosing the right set can make all the difference in your game. With so many different options on the market, it can be overwhelming to decide which clubs are right for you. But we’ll simplify it so you can buy with confidence. 

TaylorMade is one of the best brands in the golf industry, known for producing high-quality clubs for players of all skill levels. In this post, we’ll be taking a closer look at two of their most popular iron sets: the TaylorMade P770 and P790

We’ll compare the features and benefits of each set to help you determine which one might be the best fit for your game. Whether you’re a beginner or mid-handicap golfer, keep reading to find out which TaylorMade iron set is right for you.

TaylorMade P770 vs. P790 Irons

TaylorMade might get more credit for their Stealth woods and drivers but don’t sleep on their irons either. Don’t forget these clubs are played by some of the best ball strikers in the world including Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, Dustin Johnson, Colin Morikawa, and countless others. 

Currently, they have six irons in their current lineup:

  • P7TW: Did you know that you can play the same irons as Tiger Woods? Yes, these are the ones in his bag with extreme workability with minimal forgiveness. Anyone but a seasoned pro should stay away from these clubs as they’re not easy to hit.
  • P7MB: These muscle back irons have a lower launch than Tiger’s set of irons but similar in terms of forgiveness, distance, and workability. These are reserved only for the most consistent ball strikers as they are not forgiving at all.
  • P7MC: These are longer distance irons than the previous two irons but still very workable. These are a great set for skilled players, typically single digits with faster swing speeds and overall, more consistent swings.
  • P770: These irons are more forgiving and longer than the previous three irons but still very workable as well. We’ll dive more into the specifications of these irons today.
  • P990: These are even longer distances, more forgiveness, and same workability as the P770 model. We’ll also cover all things P990 today too.
  • Stealth, Stealth HD, and Stealth Gloire: These irons are forgiving and extreme distances… the least workable of the irons but great for higher handicappers. 

So, what is the difference between the P770 and P790? 

Let’s compare to see which set of irons is right for your swing. 

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TaylorMade P770 Irons (Less Forgiving) 

Less Forgiving
TaylorMade P770 Irons

TaylorMade P770 Irons

  • Designed to fit the eye of a more discerning player, the P770 shaping uses visual queues including a thin topline, less offset, and shorter blade length when compared to the P790 
  • Ultra-light urethane foam injected inside the head engineered to push the design limits of face speed while simultaneously improving feel 

The TaylorMade P770 irons are some of the most popular in the game. They’re a compact, Tour proven shape that is a great combination of distance, feel, and forgiveness. 

So, how does this clubhead differ from the P790?

Here’s what TaylorMade said about the changes. “P·770 has a thinner topline, less offset (in the long irons) and shorter blade length compared to big brother P·790.”

While they are less forgiving than the P990, they have progressive launch and spin control. This shifts the CG lowest in the long irons to make these traditionally hard to hit clubs much easier. It also helps improve launch to maximize distance and hopefully attack par 5s in two shots.

But the spin and trajectory shift in the mid to short irons prioritizing control over distance. This allows consistency throughout the bag in a great looking design. 

Despite the more compact head shape, these irons still have forged hollow-body construction for more forgiveness. Not to mention Inverted Cone Technology and Thur-Slot Speed pocket. This helps improve the ball speed across the entire face, making these forged irons very playable. 


The P770 is no doubt a great club but there is a huge disadvantage between them and the P790 – shaft choices. The 770 series only has one stock shaft while the 790 has three options (two steel and one graphite).

These irons come with the KBS Tour Steel shafts which are quite heavy (120 or 130 grams depending on flex). Unless you’re a strong golfer and/or working on speed training to increase clubhead speed, I’d advise against these shafts.

These are mid-spin, mid-launch shaft and only offered in S or X flex. Since the 770 is a less forgiving model, it makes sense they only offer a steel shaft but I’m surprised they don’t have 2-3 to choose from. 

TaylorMade P790 Irons (More Forgiving) 

More Forgiving
Taylormade P790 Irons

Taylormade P790 Irons

  • SpeedFoam Air is 69% lighter than its predecessor. It provides up to 3.5g of weight savings that has been redistributed to further optimize mass properties for better launch conditions
  • The Thru-Slot Speed Pocket provides increased face flexibility while preserving ball speed and distance on low face strikes. 

The new P790 irons are the sleekest irons from TaylorMade with a traditional blade design. They have a very thin topline and overall gorgeous aesthetic from any angle. 

Despite the blade design, they have forged hollow body construction which makes them faster and more forgiving. Here’s how TaylorMade described it, “Inside the Forged Hollow Body Construction, the newly engineered SpeedFoam Air inspires increased face flexibility and fast ball speeds while upholding premium sound and feel.”

The SpeedFoam air gives these irons a 69% lighter design than the past model! The “intelligent sweet spot” makes mishits better but still rewards center strikes more than ever. 

Those with a keen eye will also notice the small screw on the toe of the club which helps optimize launch. As TaylorMade said, “With a thin-wall construction, forged L-Face and redesigned tungsten weighting, the new generation of P•790 irons are engineered to produce optimal launch with more forgiveness shot after shot.”


The P790 irons come with three stock shaft options to further customize them to your swing:

  • True Temper Dynamic Gold: This is a mid-launch, mid-spin shaft that weighs between 96–106 grams depending on flex. These are the heaviest, stiffest shafts offered and available in R, S, or X flex. We recommend these only to the fastest swinging golfers.
  • KBS Tour Lite: This is a lighter steel shaft with high launch, high spin. It weighs 95 or 100 grams depending on flex – regular or stiff only. This is a great option for mid-handicappers. 
  • Mitsubishi MMT: This graphite design is much lighter (59–74 grams, depending on flex) and has mid-spin, mid-launch characteristics. This is a great option for mid-high handicappers who prefer graphite to steel shafts. 

TaylorMade Iron Comparison 

Now that you have an extensive understanding of each iron set, let’s compare the specs side by side.

Specs P770 Irons P790 Irons
7-Iron Loft
33 degrees
30.5 degrees
Lie angle
63 degrees
62.5 degrees
7-Iron offset

As you can see, the P770 irons have weaker lofts and slightly more upright lie angle. The clubs are the same length with the same amount of offset.

But the P790 irons are 2.5 degrees stronger loft which make them more of a distance iron. Not to mention the three stock shafts allow you to find the shaft to match your swing speed. 

Lastly, both irons are available in right or left-hand models with 3-AW (no SW or LW options in either set which is slightly disappointing). All irons are the same length and both come with a Golf Pride Z-Grip 360. 

Alternate Choice: P7MC Irons 

While the two irons discussed so far are both great choices, let’s not forget about the P7MC irons. These are the same price but might be a better fit for advanced golfers thanks to their “Tour inspired design.” They have even less offset and are a very classic shaped iron that are built for workability, not forgiveness. 

They will likely go longer than Tiger’s iron or the P7MB thanks to the stronger loft (7 iron is 30 degrees) but still not very forgiving. Like the P770 irons they’re only available with the KBS Tour Steel shaft too. 

Top Questions About TaylorMade Irons 

Do you have more questions about finding the right set of irons for your game? If so, keep reading through our top questions and answers now.

Is the P770 as forgiving as the P790? 

No, the P770 irons are less forgiving than the P790 irons. On TaylorMade’s website they rank the irons from 2 to 4 stars in terms of forgiveness (more stars equal more forgiving). 

The P7 irons all have two stars (unforgiving but highly workable), while the P770 is more forgiving with three stars. But the P790 has four stars making them some of the most forgiving of the TaylorMade series. 

What irons does Tiger Woods play? 

Tiger uses a model designed specifically for him from TaylorMade – the P7TW irons. These clubs are only available through custom ordering and some of the best looking irons out there. But they’re very unforgiving with a thin topline and compact head. 

However, you are playing the club that Tiger himself designed. Here’s how he described these milled grind irons. “When you look down at these irons, you are looking at the result of every range session, event, victory, and major championship from my 22+ years of professional golf.”

Can a mid-handicapper use P770 irons? 

Yes but I’d suggest mid-handicappers who are trending toward lower handicaps. 

These irons aren’t as forgiving as the P790 and will penalize mishits much more. But if you’re practicing regularly, working with a coach, and trending toward single digits, these are a great set of irons. 

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Does TaylorMade make combo irons?

Yes, TaylorMade offers combo irons in their Stealth series. This replaces long irons with 3, 4, and 5 rescue clubs. The TaylorMade Stealth HD series is even more forgiving with super game improvement irons. Hybrids are a great alternative to long irons especially if you’re still building a consistent golf swing. 

What handicap should play P770 irons? 

Mid to low handicap golfers with faster than average swing speeds will benefit the most from these irons. They’re a great mix of workability and forgiveness for all types of irons. 

Is P790 a low handicap iron? 

No, this iron set is geared toward mid-handicap golfers due to their more forgiving design. They also have a 2-iron (the P790 UDI) if you prefer using driving irons vs. fairway woods or hybrids

Does TaylorMade make driving irons?

Yes, TaylorMade boasts an impressive lineup of driving irons. Here is a quick recap of the three driving irons:

  • P790 UDI: These are very similar to the standard P790 irons but only available in a 2-iron loft. It also comes with a HZRDUS Smoke RDX rescue shaft and is meant mostly to use off the tee as a fairway finder. Due to the design we suggest skipping this when you’re in the rough but it’ll work from the fairway too. 
  • Stealth UDI: This model is a low launch, mid-low spin driving iron that is more forgiving than the 790. It’s great off the tee or from the fairway and comes with an Aldila Ascent black hybrid shaft (S or X flex only). Available in 2, 3 or 4-iron lofts.
  • Stealth DHY: This is the most forgiving driving iron that is great off the tee, from the fairway, and even out of the rough. It’s a much larger clubhead and also comes with an Aldila Ascent black hybrid shaft (S or X flex only). Available in 2, 3, 4 or 5-iron lofts. 

Wrapping Up 

TaylorMade makes some of the best looking and highest quality irons available. Whether you’re a 30, 10, or scratch golfer, they have a set of irons for you. Not to mention forgiving combo sets that include their Stealth hybrids and driving irons to replace those hard to hit long irons. 

Both the TaylorMade P770 and P790 iron sets offer impressive features for mid to high handicap golfers. As a quick recap, 

  • The P770 is designed for players who value precision and control, with a compact head design and enhanced feel. 
  • While the P790 offers a more forgiving design with a larger head, improved distance and more ball speed. Not to mention stronger lofts too. 

Ultimately, the best iron set for you will depend on your personal preferences, playing style, and skill level. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned golfer, investing in the right set of irons can make all the difference in your game, and these two TaylorMade sets are definitely worth considering.

Which do you think is the best set of TaylorMade irons?

Let us know in the comments below. 

Michael Leonard

Michael Leonard

Michael Leonard is a full-time writer, author, creator of Wicked Smart Golf and +1 handicap amateur golfer. He left his corporate career in 2017 to pursue entrepreneurship and professional golf; since then, he’s competed in 160+ tournament days and went to Q-school in 2019.

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