Top 5 Cavity Back Irons of 2021 Reviewed

golfer playing cavity back irons

As you advance in your golf game, it’s very important to make sure your clubs evolve with you. While some golfers play clubs that aren’t forgiving enough, a lot of mid-handicappers play clubs that are too forgiving.

You might be thinking, too forgiving, how is that possible? 

Yes, it is very possible. Because forgiveness has a cost, the more forgiving your irons, the harder it is to hit the golf ball high, low, left, or right. Basically, your workability and shot shaping decreases with forgiveness. 

As you continue in your golf journey, make sure to play irons that have forgiveness but also help you hit an array of shots. For most mid-handicap players, cavity back irons are perfect for this.

Types of Irons

Before diving into the best cavity back irons, let’s do a quick recap of the main types:

  • Game improvement irons. These are the most forgiving irons and geared toward senior golfers, beginners, and those who want distance above all else. 
  • Cavity back irons. These irons are still forgiving thanks to the cavity design, but also workable as well. 
  • Combo set of irons. These irons are great because they have more forgiving long irons (or might even use hybrids) and different short irons for control. 
  • Blade irons. These are the least forgiving of any iron set, but also the most workable. These are generally reserved for pros and low handicap golfers who have a consistent swing and don’t need as much forgiveness. 

Best Cavity Back Irons 

Now that you understand the main types of irons, let’s get into the best choices if you want a cavity back set.

1. Callaway Apex 21

callaway apex 21 iron

Starting off our list are the newest from Callaway. They are a huge upgrade from the successful 2019 Apex series and offer even more benefits for any golfer. 

Lookswise, they’re hard to beat with their chrome and black design. They’re also the first forged design that uses AI to increase ball speed and promote consistent spin. Callaway considers these “Players Distance” irons and are great for 5-15 handicaps. 

Not to mention, you can even buy a mixed combo set (for lower handicap golfers) or a “Sweet spot” combo set with even more forgiving long irons. 

2. Wilson Staff Model CB Irons

wilson staff model cb irons

While Wilson is primarily known for their more forgiving clubs, they also make a great cavity back iron too. Even though “Staff” is in the club description, you don’t need to be a low handicap to enjoy these irons.

The Staff Model CB irons are a great upgrade from the V6 irons and feature forgiveness with playability. Not to mention, it has a classic look that looks great from just about any angle. At address, you will probably forget you’re even playing a cavity back iron, as they don’t have a huge topline.

One of the biggest perks is the changes they make for the mid to long irons. They have 20 grams of tungsten in the toe of these clubs to help with consistency of those pesky longer irons. Plus, you can buy them in graphite or steel shaft options. 

3. TaylorMade P790 Irons

taylormade p790 irons

TaylorMade offers a ton of great irons for all types of players and the P790 is a great cavity back option. The cavity back of these irons looks very different from most and is very sleek, but still offers enough forgiveness for mid-handicap golfers.

Thanks to the Hollow Body construction and SpeedFoam Air technology, you will get plenty of speed. SpeedFoam Air is much lighter than their previous designs, which means the club is lighter and thin for a great look at address.  

If you prefer something a little smaller and more compact, opt for the P770 model instead. 

4. Ping i210 Irons

ping i210 cavity back irons

Ping is another top name when it comes to irons and offers a huge selection to fit any type of golfer. The i210 irons offer a simple design with an amazing feel from long irons to wedges. The long irons are “hot” and extra forgiving while the mid to short irons are more about control and feel. 

They also have a larger insert to create a buttery feel and even more forgiveness. Paired with a new lead edge and sole profile, these clubs will glide through any turf condition. Plus, you can choose from a variety of shafts from top manufacturers.

If you want even more forgiveness from Ping, check out the G425 irons instead. 

5. Cobra King Tour Irons

Rounding out our list of cavity back irons are the King Tour series from Cobra. These have a similar look to the Callaway Apex series, but are made differently. Instead of forging or casting, these irons were made with MIM (Metal Injection Molding).

This new process must have worked, as they landed on the Golf Digest Hot List and have garnered rave reviews. The MIM technology helped them create a very clean looking club that offers forgiveness with plenty of workability. 

You also get the Cobra Connect technology installed in the grip and can choose from stock, custom set, or even single length iron set. 

Wrapping Up 

Cavity back irons are a great choice if you’re a mid to low handicap golfer who wants some forgiveness and workability. 

If you’re still shooting north of 100, opt for more forgiving irons or play combo set instead. But if you’re breaking 100 or 90, cavity back irons are the way to go.

The biggest thing to consider when buying these irons is the look at address, number of irons, and the shaft. Obviously, you want the clubs to look good and give you tons of confidence over the ball. But you also want to make sure the number of irons match your game (for example, 5-GW or 4-PW). 

Finally, don’t forget to play the right shaft for your swing speed, as it can have a huge impact on your overall ball striking. Any of these five sets are sure to help you hit more greens and shape shots like the pros. 

Which cavity back set is your favorite? 

Let us know down below in the comments! 

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