How Much is Topgolf?
(Topgolf Prices, Rates & More)


Topgolf is making golf cool… even for non-golfers! If you haven’t been to one of their massive facilities yet, you are missing out.

But how much is Topgolf? How does pricing work? Can you hit your own golf clubs?

These are some of the most common questions golfers (and non-golfers) might have. Keep reading to learn how much Topgolf is and learn the answers to the most common questions about these golf facilities. 

How Much is Topgolf? 

First off, what is Topgolf? 

Topgolf is a revolutionary entertainment destination that offers year round golf and fun. Each facility is a multi-story, climate controlled driving range plus restaurant and bar. Not to mention other games and entertainment. 

I first visited a Topgolf nearly 10 years ago and can’t believe how much fun it was and how much it’s grown since then. While 2020 certainly helped get more people interested in golf, Topgolf has also helped grow the game too. Even if you can’t break 100, you’ll have a blast at the very unconventional driving ranges. 

Hitting golf balls at Topgolf isn’t like going to a normal driving range.

It’s more of an entertainment venue with TVs and other games throughout the facility. Golfers obviously love it but non-golfers enjoy the environment too as it’s nothing like a normal driving range.

Plus, you can play different Toptracer games as each ball is tracked. As you hit towards different targets you get different points based on accuracy and distance. This makes it fun to compete with fellow people in your group and even the entire facility.

Some of the games include their signature program, Angry Birds, Quick 9, Top Shot, Top Scramble, and many others. Whether you have a group of experienced golfers or people brand new to the game, there are plenty of options. 

Cost of Topgolf

So, how much does it cost to hit golf balls at Topgolf? 

It depends on the time of day… not how many people are in your group or how many balls you hit. Unlike a normal driving range, you pay by the hour, not by the size of range buckets.

While Topgolf is a driving range, it’s more about fun and group entertainment than a golf facility to work on your game. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of people there that play golf regularly and are trying to get better. But most people are there to get outside, have fun with friends or family, and learn golf swing basics

The cost of playing at Topgolf is based on the location, how much time you spend there and what time of day. For example, here’s the pricing for the TopGolf near me: 

  • Morning (open – 12pm): $37 per hour, per bay.  
  • Afternoon (12-5pm): $47 per hour, per bay.
  • Evening (5pm-close): $57 per hour, per bay. 

These prices are per hour, per bay and accommodate up to six people. But you can purchase on a half-hour rate as well. These hourly rates differ depending on the destination – for example their popular locations like Las Vegas are $20-$30 more per hour than the rates listed above. 

However, this includes club rentals for all players. Men and women clubs are in every bay and you can also request juniors, toddlers, and left-hand options too. 

Hourly Rates

While prices are per hour, it’s recommended that you play for 90–120 minutes especially with a larger group. To play a full game with six people it usually takes 75–90 minutes depending on your group eating/drinking too. 

Topgolf Membership

Aside from the hourly rates, every person does need a “Topgolf membership” that is $5 per person. This is a player set-up fee so you can easily log in each time you hit golf balls, sort of like bowling. This way it’s easy to know who’s hitting next and log points for each game. 

If you’re a frequent visitor of Topgolf you can also sign up for a platinum membership too. This gives you weekly unlimited access to hit golf balls and great discounts on food and drinks. Not to mention priority bay access, hole-in-one prizes, and upgraded clubs too. 


I’ve never seen a Topgolf not busy – it seems like every time we go nearly every bay is full of people. Since it is such a popular entertainment destination, it’s suggested to book a bay in advance using their online reservation system. 

Reserving a bay costs $5 to $25 per bay but will guarantee you don’t have to wait when you arrive. I highly recommend this option if you’re planning to go with a group (or several groups) in the evening time slot (after 5pm) and/or on weekends. You can book them up to 14 days in advance. 

If you don’t want to pay for a bay or plan on going during off hours you can also download the Topgolf app to join a waitlist. And you always have the option to walk-in as well but might have to wait if they’re busy. 

Food and Drinks 

The hourly rate isn’t much considering you can hit balls in climate controlled bays and play a variety of games that you can’t at a normal driving range. Plus, they come with Top Tracer technology so you can track every shot you hit. But another big expense with Topgolf is the food and drinks.

Topgolf has a variety of great food/beverage options which usually costs more than your hourly bay rental. Each bay comes with seating for six people and a server to help with food and drinks. They have a full bar and kitchen (plus a bar you can go to even if you don’t have a bay rental) which makes for a great time.

League Play

If you’re like most people you’ll love Topgolf and want to go a lot more often. If that’s the case and there is one close to you, you might want to join a league. Each location has their own league of 4–6 players that compete for weekly prizes on certain days of the week. 

You can register online and compete for weekly prizes. Even if you don’t have a team you can sign up as a “free agent”  too. 

Top Questions

Do you have more questions about visiting a Topgolf location? If so, check out the most common questions and answers below. 

How much is it per person at Topgolf? 

Topgolf is priced on an hourly basis, not per person like some golf facilities. The cost for each bay depends on the venue, how long you stay, food/drinks, and time of day. 

Do you pay per person or per bay at Topgolf?

No, Topgolf is based on hourly rates, not the number of people in your group. You can take a group of six or two people and the amount costs the same.

Is it unlimited balls at Topgolf?

Yes, you pay for a certain amount of time, not the number of golf balls like most driving ranges. The balls auto dispense and you can hit as many as you’d like at that time. 

Why is Topgolf not like most driving ranges?

Because unlike most driving ranges you can see your data for every shot. Here’s what they said on their website, 

“Topgolf venues are also adding Toptracer technology, allowing you to see a real-time trace of your ball’s flight path as well as insights into speed, distance, angle and accuracy. Basically, everything you’d ever want to know about your shot.”

Since each golf ball is tracked it makes it easy to play games and get points based on different targets. 

Who owns Topgolf?

Callaway Golf acquired Topgolf with a merger in March 2021. There are now 70 locations throughout the world with the majority of locations in the United States. But there are Topgolf locations in Mexico, Germany, United Kingdom, and United Arab Emirates as well. 

Can you bring your own clubs to Topgolf?

Yes, you do have the option to bring some of your golf clubs to Topgolf but not your entire bag. 

They don’t want people hitting golf balls over the nets by using modern drivers. They do have free clubs to use with each bay for right and left-handed golfers in men or women sizing. 

Their clubs aren’t nearly as good as most new drivers/woods/irons and are distance controlled. This ensures that most people won’t hit any golf balls over the net and cause any damage or injuries. 

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Wrapping Up

Topgolf is a great way to get more people to play golf and enjoy this great sport. Whether you’re an avid golfer or never touched a club before, I bet you’ll love this entertainment destination. 

Before visiting a Topgolf, here is a quick recap of what to expect:

  • Topgolf is based on hourly bay rentals, not how many balls you hit or how many people are in your group. Each bay is climate controlled so you can go almost any time of day and not be too hot or cold. 
  • The price per hour changes based on time of day and location (earlier in the day is always cheaper). Each player also needs to pay a one-time $5 membership fee.
  • Extra costs can include food, drinks, and gratuity. 
  • You have the option to bring a few of your own clubs (not your entire bag) or use their rentals for free. 

Make sure to visit Topgolf soon as it’s golf like you’ve never seen before and a lot faster than playing 18 holes

Have you ever been to Topgolf? If so, what was your experience like?

Let us know in the comments below. 

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