Top 5 Most Expensive Putters In Golf

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Most Expensive Putters

Ever considered that the secret to a great golf score isn’t about how far you hit the ball from the tee but in your putting?

I bet that when you’ve played really well, you’ve always sunk important putts. So, when it comes to spending big on golf equipment the humble putter is often overlooked in favor of expensive drivers, even though it’s frequently the game-changer.

In this article, we’ll turn the spotlight on the best putters—especially the most expensive ones that promise unparalleled performance. Read on to discover the putter that could transform your game.

The Top 5 Most Expensive Putters Ever Sold:

1. Tiger Woods’ Personal Red Dot Scotty Cameron Backup Putter

Tiger Woods' Personal Red Dot Scotty Cameron Backup Putter

This is an extremely rare, one-of-a-kind treasure in the world of golf collectibles. The backup Scotty Cameron putter personally used by Tiger Woods has emerged as an iconic keepsake, comparable to the sports memorabilia from legends like Babe Ruth and Michael Jordan, this is like owning a piece of history.

Created for Woods during the peak of his career in the mid-2000s, this specific Newport II putter was a backup to the actual putter he used each week, mirroring exactly his main putter that won him multiple Major Championships. Scotty Cameron produced only a limited number of these backups each year, making them extremely rare.

The last putter auctioned off at more than $393,000, a value expected to rise as collectibles gain recognition as alternate investment options. This particular putter also holds charitable significance; it was sold by Woods in a 2005 fundraising event for educational initiatives. It has even been signed by Woods himself. This club has not only historical but also monetary worth, with experts predicting its value will only increase over time.

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2. Simon Cossar Fruitwood Metal-Headed Blade Putter

Another one of the most expensive putters in the world, this club is more like a museum artifact. Back in the days when golfers played with feather-filled golf balls Simon Cossar, an 18th-century club maker, handcrafted this putter with a fruitwood shaft. In 1998 it went to auction selling for an unbelievable $165,000!

3. Barth & Sons Golden Putter First Lady Special Edition

Barth & Sons Golden Putter

If you’re in search of a putter that goes beyond the ordinary, consider the Golden Putter by Barth & Sons. This isn’t just a golf club; it’s a personalized, luxury experience that can even be adorned with exclusive materials like gems, diamonds, or gold.

Michael Barth, the founder of the company and an avid golfer himself, aimed to create the ultimate putter that combines top-notch performance with unparalleled aesthetics. In essence, if you’re looking to elevate your game while making a statement on the green, the Golden Putter offers the perfect blend of functionality and luxury.

The First Lady Special Edition in particular is a showstopper, costing $150,000. With a 24-carat gold-coated shaft, diamond inlays, and cherry wood case, it’s 2023’s most expensive putter on the market.

4. Titleist Scotty Cameron Tiger Woods 1997 Masters TE I3

Titleist Scotty Cameron Tiger Woods 1997 Masters TE I3

Celebrating Tiger Woods’ iconic 1997 Masters win, this was a $20,000 limited edition putter that went on sale with only 270 produced. Extremely hard to get hold of, each one represents a stroke Woods took during that tournament and has been extremely popular with both fans of golf, and Tiger Woods fanatics!

Tiger Woods was instrumental in the development of the Scotty Cameron Newport putter, and there are several prototypes available on different auction sites. However, this club represents an exact replica of the putter used by Tiger in 1997, a true collector’s item.

5. Damascus Grand by Odyssey Golf

Damascus Grand by Odyssey Golf

This is a work of art priced at $6,750 which will price many average golfers out of the market if they want to buy one of these, however, similar models are available to buy. The Damascus Grand Putter by Odyssey is a limited-edition club, with only 15 ever made. Crafted from true Damascus Steel—known for its strength, unique stripe pattern, and high carbon content—this putter offers an exceptional feel upon impact. It has an almost cult-like following among golf fans.

Unlike other brands that use less authentic forms of Damascus, Odyssey’s putter is the real deal, justified by its premium price tag that reaches into the thousands. Each putter features a unique edition number on both the clubhead and its accompanying leather head cover and includes a certificate of authenticity.

This highly exclusive putter combines both historical craftsmanship and modern technology, this club is deserving of its place on the list of the most expensive putters.

The Most Expensive Putters (You Can Own)

The most expensive putters in the world are as much pieces of art as they are sporting equipment. Whether it’s historical value, rare materials, or limited editions tied to golf legends, each putter has its own story and allure.

However, if you’re looking to improve your golf and are willing to invest in quality then you need to read this next list of expensive putters.

Let’s explore the most expensive putters that you can own if you have the cash!

Excellent balance
Bettinardi BB41

Bettinardi BB41

  • The BB41 was inspired by the Millennial series, which was in 2000.
  • This is an off-take of the 41, which had a slant plumber hosel. But now has a flow neck, which goes right into their BB8 style putter

Priced at over $1000 and inspired by its Millennial series from the year 2000, Bettinardi Golf has reintroduced the classic BB41 putter with some modern tweaks.

Retaining the essence of the original design, the new version features a flow neck, similar to their BB8 style, as well as a tour blast finish this is an amazing-looking putter. The standout feature is the 110 copper insert in the putter face, accompanied by a flymill pattern.

The putter grip also comes with copper stitching to match the insert, offering a very cool blend of style and function. The Bettinardi BB Series delivers both a visually stunning and highly functional golf putter. Notably, the Bettinardi brand of putter is used by tour golfers such as Matt Kuchar, Jason Kokrak, Matthew Fitzpatrick, Sam Horsfield, and Fred Couples, which is a rubber stamp to its premium craftsmanship and performance.

  • Precision-milled from a single block of steel
  • Sleek design with a traditional look
  • Excellent balance and feel
  • A premium price tag, not for the casual golfer
  • Limited customization options
Limited Edition
Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5.5

Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5.5

  • Designed to promote a more flowing “blade-like” feel with the stability benefits of a mallet
  • The solid face/body is precision milled 303 stainless steel integrated with an aluminum sole plate and customizable stainless steel sole weights for pure playability

Professional golfer Justin Thomas has been commemorated by launching a limited-edition Phantom X 5.5 putter, with only 2,020 units available.

Hitting the ceiling at over $1000, Scotty Cameron’s Phantom X putters feature multi-material construction and a striking design.

The putter is modeled after the one Thomas has used to secure 12 of his 13 PGA Tour wins, including the 2017 PGA Championship. Created by Scotty Cameron, the design blends a high-MOI wingback head style with a welded small slant neck, facilitating an arced putting stroke usually linked to blade putters. It also includes distinct features such as a 2x10g Heel-Toe Weight, and a Cement Gray Pistolero Plus Grip, and is crafted from solid milled 303 stainless steel for the head and face, along with a 6061 aluminum sole plate.

This special putter combines performance-enhancing features with a nod to Justin Thomas’s successful career. If you want to putt like Justin Thomas, this putter would give you a good start!

  • Excellent design with highly detailed alignment features
  • Multi-material build for optimal weight distribution
  • High MOI (moment of inertia) for stability
  • Maxes out your $1,000 budget
  • Design might not suit traditional golfers
Limited Edition
Evnroll EV2 MidBlade Putter

Evnroll EV2 MidBlade Putter

  • Precision milled from 303 stainless steel, the EV2 boasts a new streamlined design to create a premium low-profile look at address
  • A thinned out topline, squared off rear bumpers and redesigned sole create a modern, sleek looking blade that seemingly blends into the putting surface, while the redistribution of mass behind the hitting area provides optimal sound and feel feedback

The EV2 Black MidBlade putter by Evnroll offers golf enthusiasts a blend of cutting-edge design and impeccable performance. Priced at just under $500 it’s perfect for the golfer looking to improve their short game.

The revamped design incorporates a sleeker topline, squared-off rear bumpers, and a redesigned sole for an ultra-modern look. The putter’s weight distribution has been carefully engineered for optimal sound and feel feedback.

The putter belongs to Evnroll’s V-Series line and offers six different hosel options to match your stroke style. The patented SweetFace Technology on the putter’s face minimizes dispersion, guaranteeing consistent ball speeds, whether you hit dead-center or off-center.

This is one of the most expensive putters available to buy and as it is custom-designed with high demand, expect a build time of up to 28 days for custom orders. But it will be worth the wait!

  • Precision-milled 303 stainless steel body for durability and optimal performance
  • High Moment of Inertia (MOI) thanks to two deep-set rear weights, offering increased stability during strokes
  • Patented SweetFace Technology that minimizes dispersion and ensures consistent ball speeds from the center and off-center hits
  • Customization and build times can extend up to 28 days, making it less accessible for immediate use
  • The premium features and customization options can push the cost well above the base price of $469

Mandala Refined PVD Carbon Putter

Another putter for our list of the most expensive putters is the Mandala PVD Carbon Putter from KRONOS Golf. The brainchild of Phillip Lapuz and Eric Williams, they aim to redefine the standard for high-quality putters through their meticulous manufacturing process.

Each putter is created with a Pure Balanced Center of Gravity certification, so absolutely no excuses for missing putts with this putter. KRONOS putters are made from a single billet of metal, like 11L17 carbon steel, to maintain structural integrity.

This Mandala Refined PVD Carbon Putter offers a unique Swan Tail flange design that aids in consistent acceleration through putts. The putters feature specifications such as a Physical Vapor Deposition finish, 3 degrees of loft, 70 degrees of lie, and are center-shafted and face-balanced. This putter is an outstanding piece of golf equipment and definitely worth the price tag of over $500!

  • One-piece construction for enhanced durability
  • Unique design features for improved performance
  • Softer feel due to 11L17 carbon steel
  • Likely expensive due to premium materials and process
  • Risk of rust if protective coating wears off

Ping PLD Milled Oslo 4 Matte Black Putter

Priced at around $500 the 2023 PLD Milled Matte Black putters, particularly the Oslo model, combine high forgiveness with precision performance, making them favorites among Tour pros such as Bubba Watson and Tony Finau.

Specifically designed for players with strong-arc strokes, the putter features an Anser 4-style hosel and a single white alignment aid that stands out against the black head, assisting with perfect alignment and swing path.

The Oslo’s head is made from 303 Forged Stainless Steel, precision milled to perfection, and includes a deep AMP face texture that offers a soft feel for enhanced control. The PLD line, an acronym for Putting Lab Design, is now accessible to everyday golfers, who can customize their putters either in person or remotely through Ping’s fitting staff. If you choose a custom-fitted PLD putter the price could increase to over $1200. 

  • High forgiveness and precision performance
  • Customization options including detailed fitting
  • Soft feel and control due to deep AMP face texture
  • High cost, especially with the customization.
  • May not be ideal for players without a strong-arc stroke

Most Expensive Putters: Conclusion

The most expensive putters are more than just a price tag; they’re packed with high-tech features that can make a real difference in your game. But even the most expensive putter can’t fix bad technique, so make sure you’re also practicing your skills.

Whether you’re a ready-to-turn pro or a weekend hacker, a high-end putter could be just what you need to sink those crucial putts. Your putter should be your secret weapon, always there to bail you out when other parts of your game are letting you down.

Invest in a quality putter, and you’ll likely see fewer strokes on your scorecard in no time.

So what’s your go-to putter? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Most Expensive Putters: FAQ’s


Why Are Putters So Expensive?

Putters can be expensive for many reasons. The first is the quality and rarity of the materials used to make the putters. As we’ve seen in our top 5 list, these aren’t your everyday metals. Some use forged and milled carbon steel, and others incorporate unique design elements to optimize weight distribution. Additionally, the manufacturing process itself, such as precision milling or handcrafting, can drive up the cost. Moreover, the brand name and any exclusive technologies also contribute to the price tag, much like you would generally pay more money for a Rolls Royce or Bentley car.

Do Expensive Putters Make a Difference?

Yes, expensive putters do make a difference. The premium materials and advanced technology aim to offer better balance, greater stability, and a more accurate roll. For example, Scotty Cameron’s Phantom X’s multi-material build allows for optimal weight distribution. These features are particularly important when you’re playing at a competitive level, and minor adjustments could significantly impact your game.

Is an Expensive Putter Worth It?

The worth of an expensive putter is a difficult question to answer, it depends on how serious you are about your golf game and how badly you’re willing to pay to improve your short game. If you’re a casual golfer who hits the green a few times a year, a $1,000 putter might be a waste of money. However, for more dedicated or professional golfers, the precise engineering and high-quality materials can translate into real, tangible benefits like better control, more accurate rolls, and a more consistent game.

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