7 Best Golf Swing Tips To Help Improve Your Game

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The golf swing is a complex move that everyone tries to master when in reality, no one really does. Sure, the guys on the PGA Tour have pretty epic swings, but that isn’t likely for 99% of everyday golfers. 

The good news is that you don’t need a perfect swing to shoot low scores.

Instead, you need solid foundations to play your best golf at any level. Here are seven golf swing tips to help you build a more consistent golf swing that should yield lower scores.

7 Best Golf Swing Tips

1. Create A Pre-Shot Routine

Let’s talk about what happens before you ever grip the club your pre-shot routine. This is arguably one of the most important parts of playing consistent golf, yet so many golfers neglect a routine entirely.

So why is a pre-shot routine so important?

  • To set up square to your target.
  • Helps you analyze each shot and pick the right club.
  • Create a routine to minimize nerves and play with confidence.
  • Get comfortable on any hole and on any course to give yourself the best chance to hit the shot you need. 

I could go on and on because a pre-shot routine is that important but I’m guessing you get it. A pre-shot routine is consistent among low handicappers and scratch golfers. The sooner you can create one, the better you’ll start playing! 

A good pre-shot routine consists of:

  • Identifying the shot at hand (assessing the lie, distance, wind, etc.)
  • Picking your target and getting clear about the shot you want to hit.
  • Taking 1-2 practice swings to help your body see and feel and the ideal swing needed.

Finally, you need to practice your pre-shot routine on the range. Go through it over and over again to create this habit and set yourself up for success. 

2. Build a Neutral Grip 

Once you have a strong pre-shot routine, let’s talk about grip. 

Since your hands are the only thing touching the club, the grip plays a fundamental role in every shot you hit on the course. Unfortunately, a lot of golfers focus more on the rest of the swing, instead of building solid foundations like a neutral grip.

A grip can be one of the three types: strong, neutral, or weak

A strong grip helps produce a draw or right to left ball flight. A neutral grip helps you shape the ball either way and results in straighter shots. While a weak grip promotes a cut or left to right ball flight(or too commonly a vicious slice).

In an ideal world, I’d recommend creating a neutral grip. 

This will help you shape shots, maximize distance, and make better contact. Plus, it’ll help you avoid big misses off the tee and find the fairway more often than not.

But please note, changing your grip does take time, especially if you’ve had a weak or strong grip for a long time. I promise though, it’s 100% worth the short term awkwardness to play more consistently for the rest of your life.  

3. Nail Your Setup 

After building a neutral grip, let’s talk about other parts of the game that happen before you swing. Mainly, your alignment and setup position. 

Alignment is key because if you set up left or right of your target, your brain will realize it. Then, it’ll change something in your golf swing and likely create some bad habits. Use alignment sticks to set up square and create positive habits on the range. 

4. Master Your Takeaway

After creating a neutral grip and strong setup, let’s talk about the takeaway. Your takeaway directly impacts the rest of your swing, so it’s important to master this simple move.

An ideal takeaway is when you look at the club when it’s parallel to the ground. You want the clubface just outside your hands and face running parallel to your back. This will set you up in a great position at the top of your backswing and make it easier to swallow on the downswing.

The biggest mistake most golfers do on the takeaway is taking it too far inside, with an open face. This leads to an over the top, move with an open face at impact… resulting in a slice.

Work on this move in a mirror to master your takeaway. I promise it’ll make everything else easier! 

5. Understand Your Tempo 

If you’ve ever watched Freddy Couples swing, I would say he has the world’s best tempo of all time. While most of us mere mortals can strive to be like Freddy, the chances are slim. But that being said, you do want to understand your own tempo. 

Tempo plays a huge role in accelerating on the downswing and creating power with each shot. Everyone has a different tempo but make sure that your tempo is smooth and accelerates at impact! 

6. Learn to Shallow The Golf Club 

One thing that all good players have in common is shallowing the golf club on the downswing (this is also known as creating lag). This means that you’re dropping your hands and coming from the inside. When done correctly, it leads to more distance, better accuracy, and ultimately, more consistent contact with each club.

But the only way to shallow the club is to do everything we’ve talked about above. Each tip plays a critical role to make this power move as you make impact with the golf ball. 

7.  Swing Your Swing

Finally, make sure that you swing your swing. 

There is no one way to swing the golf club and it’s evident when you watch the best players on the PGA Tour. But each player shares the above tips in common and aren’t afraid to do their own version of it. 

Sure, the tips above will help you with consistency but at the end of the day, always play your game. One of the worst things that golfers can do is do a total swing overhaul in search for perfection. Oftentimes, this makes things worse and likely gets you further from your ideal scores.

Instead, learn how to play your game and swing your swing. While building strong fundamentals are key, don’t be afraid to be a little different if it helps you with confidence. 

Final Thoughts

Golf is arguably the most complex sport ever but I’m confident these seven swing tips will help your game. If I could give one bonus tip it’s this – enjoy the journey and keep it fun. 

So many golfers want (and expect a perfect swing) and don’t have any fun if things aren’t going their way.

But as you know, perfect doesn’t exist in golf. 

So instead, learn something from each shot, have fun, and appreciate the game. Once you take the pressure off yourself, I bet you’ll swing better too. 

What’s the best golf tip you were given? Let us know in the comments! 

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