Ping G425 Irons Independent Review - Are They Worth It?

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The new Ping G425 irons might be the missing link to helping you shoot lower scores

Each year, big club manufacturers unveil their latest products. Some are great and worth the extra money, while others aren’t worth your hard-earned money.

So are the G425 irons worth it, or should you wait until 2022’s new iron set? 

Let’s dive in with a full overview of the latest irons from Ping… 

Ping G425 Irons Review 

The Ping G425 irons are a metal-wood style iron, which are great if you need help launching the ball higher. But just because of their style, it doesn’t mean they are big, clunky irons that people have come to think about with game improvement irons. 

Instead, they are sleek and rather compact compared to some other alternatives from Callaway and Titleist. As Ping said, “Its blade length is shorter than the G410 iron, but the head has a higher MOI, and the clean, compact design presents an eye-pleasing address view that inspires confidence.”

Let’s break down some features to see if they are right for your game.

Highly Rated
Ping G425 Irons

Ping G425 Irons

  • Variable Face Thickness design
  • Stiff Flex
  • This unique construction increases flexing for greater ball speed, higher launch and more distance

Perimeter Weighting

If you need forgiveness with your iron set, these could be the ones for you. Thanks to a tungsten toe screw and hosel weight, the perimeter weighting makes these clubs extremely forgiving. 

These irons are available in 4-PW sets, with the option to add on a utility wedge (aka gap wedge), sand wedge, and/or lob wedge. One thing to note is the lofts are relatively strong compared to a standard iron set.

For example, a normal 7 iron loft is around 35 degrees. But the 7-iron loft here is 30 degrees, making it play more like a 6-iron. 

This will help add extra yards to every iron in your bag. Luckily, all their new technology still makes it easier to launch the ball high, despite lower loft. 

Additionally, the wedge lofts are:

  • Pitching wedge: 44.5 degrees.
  • Utility wedge: 49.5 degrees.
  • Sand wedge: 54.0 degrees.
  • Lob wedge: 58.0 degrees. 

(Image Credit: Ping)

New Clubhead Design

These irons also have two new perks to help golfers with consistency on approach shots. The first is the multi-material badge that is built into the clubhead. The result is piercing sound and better feel throughout the entire set.

The other clubhead update is the speed-generating face. The new Hyper 17-4 stainless steel face is all about one thing; speed! This new design allows golfers who struggle generating speed to gain it naturally and still stop it on the green with plenty of precision. 

Stock Shaft Options

(Image Credit: Ping)

These Ping irons come with two great stock shafts; one graphite and one steel shaft to choose from.

The graphite shaft is the Ping ALTA CB Slate. It’s a lightweight shaft that makes it easy to launch any iron in the set high but still land soft on the greens. 

While the steel shaft is the Ping AWT 2.0, which is a very lightweight steel shaft. But as you progress to shorter irons in the set, the shafts actually get slightly heavier. Heavier shafts in short irons and wedges help with flighting golf shots and maximizing feel around the green. 

Both stock shafts are great options for these irons. 

Smart Grips

Finally, one of the last things to mention about these Ping Irons is the Arccos Caddie Smart Grips. These are far from your normal stock grip and instead, have an embedded sensor built right into each grip. The sensors automatically record, analyze, and upload directly to your Arccos Caddie App.  

Once you log into your app, you can learn a ton more about each swing. This makes it easier to analyze your game and learn where you should spend your time practicing. I’m confident that when you use these types of grips, you will never want to go back to normal again. 

More data means knowing how to get the most out of your game and shoot consistently lower scores! 

(Image Credit: Ping)

More Great Irons From Ping Golf

Not sure if the Ping G425 irons are for you? 

Check out these options too:  

Ping G710 Irons

If you like the 425 but  are worried there isn’t enough distance or forgiveness, opt for the G710 series. These are even more of a game improvement set of irons and offer 5% higher MOI than the G700. 

This makes them great for higher handicap players who might not have very fast swing speeds yet. Plus, the hydropearl chrome finish is very appealing to the eye. 

Ping i210 Irons

If you like the 425 but want a little more playability as a mid-handicap golfer, opt for the i210 set. These look incredible and offer enough distance, but also don’t sacrifice the ability to shape the golf ball. 

Plus, the set has different technology for each type of irons. The long irons are all about distance and are still very forgiving. While the mid-irons are more about control and the short irons focus on extreme playability.

If you’re a golfer who is constantly working on your game and want to become a low handicap, these are a great choice. 

Ping 425 Hybrid

If you love the 425 irons, don’t forget to add on their matching hybrid as well. Since the set only comes in a 4-PW, you’ll need something for longer shots than you can hit with a 4 iron.

If you don’t want a high lofted wood, opt for the matching hybrid. It combines all the amazing technology of the irons into a seamless transition with your hybrid. 

It’s also adjustable, so you can change the lie angle and loft up to 1.5 degrees in either direction. Paired with the 425 set, you should be unstoppable with your approach shots! 

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So are the Ping G425 irons worth it? 

We say, yes!

If you’re a mid to high handicap golfer, the G425 irons are a phenomenal set of clubs. 

They look great, offer tons of new technology with plenty of forgiveness, and great stock shaft options. Plus, the Smart Grips make them even more beneficial and hopefully easier to lower your handicap.

Have you tried out these new Ping irons yet?

Let us know in the comments! 

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I recently purchased a set of the G425 Irons and I must say…..they are very forgiving and I’ve been hitting greens in regulation often. I haven’t had the opportunity to play other then a couple times (living in Chicago) but so far I have zero complaints. I ordered a steel shaft black dot set but they do NOT come with the sensors. You need to order them separately or at least they weren’t available with the set from the website I purchased them from

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