The 7 Longest Drivers on the PGA Tour Right Now

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If you’re like most golfers, you’re obsessed with distance. It’s all about hitting bombs and swinging hard to hit it as far as possible off the tee.

In fact, the distance debate rages on more than ever. Golf courses can hardly keep up with all the new technology and how fast players are swinging. Proof is in the recent PGA Championship at the Ocean Course which was 7,800 yards!

The crazy thing about distance is that it’s not entirely based on the size of the golfer. In fact, a lot of the golfers you’ll see on this list aren’t tall or weigh 200+ pounds either. It’s all about maximizing their swing to create speed and distance.But there are other guys like Bryson who are taking it a whole new level. Here is a breakdown of the seven longest players on the PGA Tour in 2021.

7 Longest Drivers on the PGA Tour

Here are the top seven longest drivers on the PGA Tour based on these stats:

1. Bryson DeChambeau

Average Length: 337.8 yards

Starting off our list is the current longest driver on tour, Bryson DeChambeau which shouldn’t come as a surprise to any golf fan. Unless you’ve avoided the internet for a year, chances are you have heard about his incredible transformation during the pandemic.

Nicknamed “The Scientist”, this guy changed his body so dramatically that he’s almost unrecognizable from his early years on Tour. He’s added 20+ pounds of muscle in order to hit it as far as possible.

After making the Hulk transformation, many people were skeptical about it and didn’t think it was good for the game. But he proved everyone wrong by winning the 2020 US Open in spectacular fashion.

Despite deep rough and tight fairways, Bryson just kept bombing drivers to give himself wedges into the greens. His strategy paid off as he lifted the trophy on Sunday afternoon.

He’s got six yards on the next guy on the list but what’s impressive is that his short game is still extremely consistent. In fact, one could argue that the flat stick is why he won the US Open as he didn’t miss any putts inside 8 feet.

Overall, Bryson is changing the game and the rest of the field is just trying to keep up. The best part though is that he uses an older Cobra driver, not even the latest and greatest!

2. Taylor Pendrith

Average Length: 331.9 yards

The second-longest hitter on the PGA Tour is Taylor Pendrith who is far from a household name. At 6’2” and 200 pounds, the Canadian player gets a ton from his game with a swing that doesn’t look as aggressive as someone like Bryson. Since he’s still an up and comer, there wasn’t a ton of information on his workout regime and club details. 

3. Joaquin Niemann

Average Length: 323.0 yards

The third-longest hitter on the PGA Tour is Joaquin Nieman who is only 22 years old. He is a Chilean professional golfer who is six feet tall and weighs only 154 pounds. Pound for pound, he is arguably the longest hitter on tour! 

He’s sponsored by Ping and plays the G425 LST driver and G425 3-wood. While he’s just getting started in professional golf on the PGA Tour, expect big things for this young golfer. With a T-2 at the Sony Open to start 2021, he’s got a great game and is ready to compete on the biggest stages. 

4. Rory McIlroy

Average Length: 322.7 yards 

Fourth on our list is Rory McIlroy, who is one of the most popular golfers in the world. Despite not winning on tour for a few years until the Wells Fargo in 2021, he’s one of the best drivers to ever touch a golf club. 

His driving swing is borderline perfect and sometimes compared to Tiger Woods in 2000 where he seemingly didn’t hit a bad tee shot. Rory is sponsored by TaylorMade and plays the SIM2 model for his 322+ yard average drives.

Rory is 5’10” and weighs about 160 pounds. He’s also in excellent shape and makes fitness a top priority in his life. I would argue he makes the 322 yard drives the easiest with a swing that any golfer would kill to have. 

Don’t forget, he is only one major away from winning the Career Grand Slam! 

5. Cameron Champ

Average Length: 321.7 yards

Next up is smooth swinging Cameron Champ. He’s been in the top 10 longest drivers on the PGA Tour since he arrived at the biggest stage.  

Despite having a nearly perfect swing, he doesn’t have as many wins or Top 10s as one might think. But, if he keeps driving the ball this well, it’s likely only a matter of time before he finds the winners circle more consistently.

Cameron is taller than most guys on the Tour at six feet tall and weighs about 175 pounds. At only 25 years old, he’s got a ton of game and an awesome swing that looks incredibly simple. 

6. Dustin Johnson

Average Length: 321.4 yards

Number six on our list is the #1 ranked player in the world – Dustin Johnson. He’s one of the most famous golfers on Tour thanks to his consistent play and easy going attitude.

Dustin has been long since college golf thanks to his strong swing and lanky figure. Paired with his new-found fitness routine, he’s one of the world’s longest hitters. 

Even more impressive is that he almost always plays a cut shot which doesn’t travel as far as a draw. He plays his game and has everything else to take advantage of his amazing driving. 

Dustin Johnson is a top brand ambassador for TaylorMade Golf and plays the TaylorMade SIM2 Max driver. 

7. Wyndham Clark 

Average Length: 321.0 yards

Rounding our list is Wyndham Clark who also has an unbelievable swing and is super long off the tee. Working with top coach Boyd Summerhays, Wyndham is putting up more impressive numbers on the PGA Tour and think he could become a top contender in the future.

He’s also a big fitness guy who is constantly working to improve his body to maximize his performance on the course. Wyndham is a PXG sponsored golfer who plays the PX 0811 X+ Proto driver. 

Final Thoughts on The Longest Drivers on Tour

As you can tell, these are some impressive performances from the longest golfers on the PGA Tour. What’s even more impressive is that most of them make it look easy and effortless. While Bryson continues to push the limits of what’s possible and has intense training sessions with long drive hitters. 

While distance is important and does make the game easier, don’t forget about your short game too. The old saying of “Drive for show, putt for dough” is proof that distance isn’t everything. If it was, Bryson would win every single week.

Instead, distance plus a great short game is the secret to low scores.

Who’s your favorite driver to watch on the PGA Tour? Let us know in the comments! 

Michael Leonard

Michael Leonard

Michael Leonard is a full-time writer, author, creator of Wicked Smart Golf and +1 handicap amateur golfer. He left his corporate career in 2017 to pursue entrepreneurship and professional golf; since then, he’s competed in 160+ tournament days and went to Q-school in 2019.

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