Overlap Golf Grip (Is It Better Than The Interlock Grip) 

Overlap Golf Grip

Maybe you feel the same way I do that the overlap grip is often pushed as being the better player’s grip. We know that Tiger Woods and even Jack Nicklaus used the interlock, but overall, it still gets plenty of attention.

If you are ready to find out if the overlap golf grip is the right fit for your game and how it differs from the interlock, I have all the information you need.

How Far to Stand from the Golf Ball (What Is the Exact Measurement?)

How Far To Stand From The Golf Ball

Wouldn’t the game of golf be so much easier if we had an exact measurement for things? How about an exact angle for knee bend, exact width for the stance, exact spine angle, etc?

Unfortunately, golf is not like that.

Understanding how far to stand from the golf ball will take a bit more of an explanation than a single measurement. I’ll show you why distance to the golf ball matters, what you can do to make sure you are standing the proper distance, and how far to stand from the golf ball.