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At The Golfer’s Gear, we are committed to helping you play better golf by addressing all aspects of the game. Golf has such a steep learning curve and it’s easy to get frustrated and possibly lose interest in the beginning of your journey. But once you get the “golf bug” this amazing sport will likely be around for the rest of your life.

Our goal is to help you speed up that learning curve by helping you create strong fundamentals, use the right equipment, avoid common practice mistakes, and improve your short game. Paired with great course management and mental golf skills, you can become a complete player from tee to green.

Click on one of the categories below to start learning about different golf tips and tricks for fast improvement. Just remember, golf swing changes don’t happen overnight but if you stick with it, you can reach almost any golf goal. Whether you want to break 100, 90, or 80, we’re here to help. 

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Set Up and Fundamentals

So much of the golf swing happens before you ever take the club away to begin your backswing. In the setup and fundamentals section we’ll help you learn more about the golf stance, alignment, and grip. 

Because if these parts of your game are incorrect at address position, it’s going to be nearly impossible to hit the golf ball consistently. This is why the best golfers in the world are always working on their setup at the driving range.

As sports psychologist Dr. Bob Rotella said, “A golfer has to train his swing on the practice tee, then trust it on the course.” Learn to trust your golf swing by dialing in your fundamentals in practice to avoid bad habits down the road. 

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Golf Swing

The golf swing is one of the most unnatural motions in all sports. Even professional athletes from other sports struggle when picking up the game of golf (but they typically fall in love with the challenge, just ask Michael Jordan). 

In our “Golf Swing” section learn the fundamentals of building a consistent and repeatable swing. From understanding the proper wrist angles, swing sequence, how to increase swing speed for more distance, and finally fix that dreaded slice. 

Also, it’s important to know that every golfer is different and there is no “one size fits all swing.” The best coaches always work with a players natural ability and swing instead of trying to get them to fit into a specific mold.

The more you can “swing your swing” the better you will play when it matters most. Learn from our golf swing tips and try to fix one issue at a time in your swing to avoid overwhelm and make progress on the driving range. 

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Ball Striking

While everyone has their own unique swing, great ball strikers have one thing in common – a great impact position. At the end of the day, there are a lot of ways to swing the club back and unwind on the downswing… but the moment of truth is the impact position.  

In the ball striking section, learn how to become a more consistent golfer by addressing big issues like topping shots or hitting shanks. Once you overcome some of the most common problems in golf, then dive into learning more about hitting more fairways, mastering long irons, and putting backspin on the golf ball. 

Just remember, solid ball striking comes from a great foundation of grip, stance, ball position, and alignment. Master the fundamentals and everything else in golf gets a lot easier. 

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Pitching and Chipping

Most golfers love to spend time on the driving range tinkering with their swing but that’s only half the battle. You can have a great long game but if your chipping and pitching are lacking, you’ll never reach your scoring potential.

The truth is, even if you have the ball striking of Tiger Woods or Ben Hogan, you will miss greens in regulation. Even the best golfers in the world only hit about 60% of greens each round, which is why it’s vital to develop a strong short game.

In the pitching and chipping section you will learn how to become an artist with your wedges. You will learn how to create different wedge distances, master basic shots like the bump and run, and specialty shots like the flop. Plus, learn how to overcome your fear of the sand so you can escape bunkers like a professional golfer. 

improve your short game

Up Your Short Game & Save Par

Up Your Short Game & Save Par Contents Everyone want’s more pars on their scorecard. Your short game is crucial if you are going to shoot lower scores and improve your game. It’s an aspect of golf that requires touch,

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Putting is nothing like the golf swing. 

As the great Ben Hogan once said, “There is no similarity between golf and putting; they are two different games, one is played in the air, and the other is on the ground.” 

Putting frustrated Ben Hogan as he is one of the best ball strikers of all time but struggled on the greens. In our putting section, you will learn how to become a consistent putter and master the shots that matter most. Because even with a great swing and solid short game, low scores aren’t guaranteed.

Most golfers use their putter for more than 30-40% of all shots during the round. And for so many players, it’s their kryptonite on the course even though it’s a short distance to the hole.

In our putting section, learn different grip styles (like the claw), how to avoid 3-putts from long range, the art of green reading, and how to make short putts like a pro. Mastering your flat stick will help you shoot lower scores fast and give you tons of confidence on the course. 

Tiger Woods Putting Grip

Tiger Woods Putting Grip (Detailed Breakdown)

How is Tiger Woods putting grip different from most golfers or is it the same?

Was his grip the secret to becoming one of the most consistent and clutch putters of all time? Or, was it something else?

We’ll break down how Tiger grips the putter and more of his best putting tips today to help you find confidence on the greens.

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Most golfers practice the wrong way. 

As Harvey Penick said, ““Every day I see golfers out there banging away at bucket after bucket. If I ask them what they’re doing, they say, ‘What does it look like I’m doing, Harvey? I’m practicing!’ Well, they’re getting exercise all right. But few of them are really practicing.” 

While showing up to golf practice is half the battle, it’s essential to practice the right way and avoid common mistakes. Otherwise, it’s a waste of time, energy, and money. Not to mention, golf is the only sport where you can spend hours practicing and actually get worse.

In this section, you will learn the drills and tips to actually help you make progress on the practice tee. Learn about the best alignment drills, golf practice fundamentals, and more tips for beginner players to make the most of each moment. Plus, learn how to practice at home or indoors during the off season too. 

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Course Management

Course management is one of the most important parts of golf. Even if all parts of your game are dialed on the course, if you don’t make the right decisions, you’ll never reach your true potential. 

As Jack Nicklaus said, “Golf is 90% mental and 10% physical.” Sure, grooving a consistent swing is needed to help you break 100, 90, or 80 but it’s not everything. You need to learn how to navigate the course so you can salvage a score when your swing disappears mid-round. 

In this section, learn how to avoid blow up holes, how to play the percentages, and what it takes to score well, even on a “bad” day. You will also learn more about the best tee box strategies, how to play golf in the wind, and more mental game tips to help you score more consistently. 

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Golf is a wildly hard game and playing the wrong equipment only makes it more difficult. As golf continues to soar in popularity, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the equipment choices. But the wrong choice can negatively affect your game and be a costly mistake.

In this section, we’ll break down the most important pieces of golf equipment you need. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced player, we have plenty of articles to help you buy golf gear with confidence.

Learn the best golf balls for your swing speed, the right club heads for your game, and how shafts play a huge role in your swing. Plus, we’ll cover best practices on maintaining your equipment, deciding on different types of clubs (ex. Hybrids vs. long irons), and understanding your club length and lie angle. 

We’ll make it easy for you to upgrade your golf equipment and play clubs that make golf a little easier. 

Blades vs Cavity Back Irons

Blades vs Cavity Back Irons: Which Should You Play? 

If you’re like a lot of golfers I’m sure you’ve asked yourself… “Should I play blades or cavity back irons?”

It’s a good question because the wrong set of irons can make it very difficult to hit greens in regulation. Not to mention nearly impossible to make birdies. But a good set of irons can make all the difference if they match your swing speed and handicap.

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No matter how long you play this game, you can never master this addicting but oftentimes frustrating sport. Golf is like life in the sense that you always have to learn and grow to get to the next level. 

In our general tips section you’ll learn about all things golf; from the average score, average distance per club, and different types of golf games to make the sport even more enjoyable. Plus, we’ll cover common golf terms and rules to make sure you understand the game and have a great experience with friends and strangers alike. 

What Is a Scratch Golfer

What is a Scratch Golfer?

Imagine shooting around par any time you teed it up?

How good would that feel? This is known as a scratch golfer (or scratch player) and one of the most sought after goals in golf.

But what is a scratch golfer? How do you become a scratch golfer? Is there a secret formula for amateur golfers? How much better are pros than scratch amateurs?

These are great questions that we’ll answer today.

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What Is an Eagle In Golf?

What is an Eagle in Golf?

If you’re like a lot of new golfers I’m sure you’ve asked yourself, “What is an eagle in golf?”

With so many terms – bogey, shank, skull, etc. – and rules, golf vocabulary can get a little overwhelming. But an eagle is definitely a term you want to know about as it’s one of the greatest achievements for amateur golfers.

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