Golf Rain Gear: The Best Waterproof Gear for a Better Golfing Experience!

Golfing in the rain

We’ve all experienced playing golf while it rained and realized how annoying it is without good rain gear?

How often do you play golf in the rain but don’t feel you have the proper gear?

We’ve got you covered. Allow us to guide you in some of the best golf rain gear out there!

Do you want to know more about golf rain gear? Read more to learn some of the best products available!

The 5 Best Golf Rain Gear Jackets

A typical person first thinks about what jacket to wear for a typical rainy day and its wet conditions. The same can be said for golfers!

Golfers want to own the best jackets to IMPROVE their skills and ADAPTABILITY during the rainy season, especially on the golf course where weather conditions can affect the game HEAVILY.

Will it be wet? Can the jacket block wind properly? These are the questions worth asking yourself before proceeding to buy rain gear.

Do you want to know the best golf rain gear jackets on the market? Then this review is for you.

1. Adidas Climastorm Essential Rain Jacket – Best Overall (5/5)

Best Overall
Adidas Golf Men's Golf Climastorm Essential Rain Jacket

Adidas Golf Men's Golf Climastorm Essential Rain Jacket

  • Critically seam sealed
  • Waterproof to 3000m
  • Lightweight and durable

The Adidas Climastorm Essential Rain Jacket is the Best Overall Jacket on this list.

This golf jacket is a lightweight, packable rain jacket that makes it easy to stay dry on the course. The waterproof, breathable fabric keeps you protected from rain and wind without restricting your golf swing.

This men’s rain jacket has critically seam-sealed construction for fully waterproof protection. It features a full zip with an adjustable storm flap, elastic cuffs and Velcro tab at the waistband for a secure fit. Additional features include two zippered hand pockets and one zippered chest pocket for storing.

Considering price and performance we think this is Adidas jacket is amazing value and we highly recommend.

  • High performance
  • Lightweight
  • Doesn't impact your swing
  • Lack of color choices

2. Under Armour Golf Rain Full-Zip Jacket – Best Value (4.5/5)

Best Value
Under Armour Men's Storm Rain Jacket

Under Armour Men's Storm Rain Jacket

  • Waterproof golf jacket with fully seam-sealed technology
  • UA brand technology and fabric allows easy breathable situations
  • 20k/20k rating
  • Hydropel zippers

The Under Armour Golf Rain Full-Zip Jacket is the BEST VALUE pick on our list!

The jacket’s GREAT details with amazing zippers, UA brand technology, many pockets, and unique fully seam-sealed fabric make this product a great choice.

Not only does it have excellent benefits for a golfer, but it has a great style! This jacket can be worn off the golf course as well.

If you want a jacket that looks good while making you feel good with amazing value, we highly recommend this UA product, available on Amazon and the Under Armour site!

  • Three pockets
  • High-quality performance
  • Dries extremely fast
  • Material can be noticeable when swinging

3. Etonic Golf Rain Jacket – Best Budget (4.5/5)

Best Budget
Etonic Golf Waterproof Rain Jacket

Etonic Golf Waterproof Rain Jacket

  • Seam Sealed for Windproof
  • Waterproof finish
  • Zip off sleeve design
  • Inside scorecard pocket
  • Front waterproof zippered pockets

The Etonic waterproof jacket is the Best Budget pick on our list! This product is perfect for golfers on a budget or those that want a bargain.

The jacket is built with sealed seams, reassuring that it will keep your hands warm no matter the condition, and its pockets have ample room.

While this jacket does not have the same detail and features as its competitors, for a budget pick, it can still compete.

This product is for those that need cheap clothing that provides amazing features, with available pockets and solid stretch capabilities!

  • Front pockets
  • Breathable performance
  • Adjustable cuffs
  • Does not have Gore-Tex fabric or storm flap

4. Adidas Rain RDY Jacket

Great Performance
Adidas Golf Rain.Rdy Jacket

Adidas Golf Rain.Rdy Jacket

  • 100% Other Fiber technology
  • Can be used on and off the golf course
  • Full-Zip Closure
  • Zero restriction on golf swing

This list can NOT be complete without mentioning one of the most popular brands in the world, Adidas.

While it may not be a top 3 pick for us, the Adidas product is an AMAZING jacket that provides both style and valuable features!

Its fiber technology and great style are what make it a stand-out product! It comes in two styles, black and a shade of blue in collegiate navy.

With its properties, you will be protected from the windy and cold conditions when you play golf, and you will look good while that happens! If you want to buy this, consider visiting the Adidas site!

  • Regular fit
  • Waterproof and Windproof
  • Price point
  • Bland design

5. Zero Restriction Z2000

Premium Quality
Zero Restriction Waterproof Jacket

Zero Restriction Waterproof Jacket

  • Waterproof and Breathable
  • Shell fabric; 3-layer stretch shell
  • Lightweight
  • Interior wind flap; windproof

The Zero Restriction Z2000 is one of the lesser-known products on this list, but it is worth the mention due to its unique benefits and properties!

It has a 3-layer stretch shell material that allows golfers to move as freely as possible and has GREAT windproof and waterproof elements that function really well.

It may not have a hood that some may prefer to have, but it does the job well compared to its competitors, and it has benefits that some do not provide!

If you want an off-brand choice that can compete with some of the most popular products on the golfing market, consider buying the Zero Restriction Z2000!

  • Dual-direction waterproof zippers
  • Cuff technology is better than Velcro
  • Anti-chafe chin guard
  • Expensive

Golf Rain Pants to Complement Your Jacket

If jackets are not enough for you to combat the rain when golfing, don’t worry! Other apparel can complement your golf gear.

While gloves and waterproof shoes are great, the essential apparel to pair with your jacket is a pair rain pants!

These rain pants are great should you be caught golfing in the rain, and it aims to make your golfing better and more comfortable despite wet weather conditions.

Here are some of the best rain pants to consider!

Best Golf Rain Gear Pants

Jackets are never complete without complementing them with pants! Not only will you look good out on the golf course, you’ll protect yourself from the rain!

Here are some of the best pants to purchase to stay dry when golfing in the rain.

FootJoy Hydrolite Rain Pants

FootJoy Hydrolite Rain Pants

  • Comfortable non-slip fit.
  • Lightweight sta-dry system
  • Seam sealed for complete waterproofing

The FootJoy Hydrolite Rain Pants are some of the most comfortable pants available.

Great for golfers that play in the rain, and one of the most durable pairs of pants available. We highly recommend these pants to complement your preferred rain gear!

Adidas Golf Men's Climaproof Rain Pants

Adidas Golf Men's Climaproof Rain Pants

  • Climaproof provides maximum weather protection
  • Fully seam-sealed
  • Waterproof zippers at side seam pockets

As part of one of the most popular sports companies, it is to be expected that the Adidas Golf Climaproof Rain Pants is an excellent fit for any golfer wanted to stay dry on the course!

Its flexibility and durability will make you forget you are even wearing rain pants while playing golf.

Under Armour Golf Rain Pants

Under Armour Golf Rain Pants

  • 100% waterproof & breathable with fully taped seams
  • Lightweight UA Storm technology
  • Windproof construction 

These Under Armour pants will make you look good while protecting you from intense weather conditions.

With a smooth exterior and stretch properties they are lightweight enough to make you feel comfy on the golf course, and you do not need to worry about the rain due to there exceptional waterproof properties!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The article may not provide 100% of the information you need.

With that in mind we’ve put together some FAQs. If you have any questions that may have been a concern to many other customers, hopefully you’ll find an answer here.

Here are some of the FAQs customers have asked regarding these waterproof jackets and other details you may be interested to know!

What Should You Consider When Buying a Golf Jacket?

There are many factors to consider when buying a golf jacket. There are many variables to consider when shopping for a new golf jacket – from price to different weather condition features.

We use these factors to consider the best golf jackets on the market!

Waterproof Properties

The OBVIOUS factor to consider when buying a golf rain gear is its waterproofing properties.

While all the jackets in this article are waterproof, it is still essential to confirm their waterproof properties!

Water-resistant does NOT mean the jacket is fully waterproof.

Keep in mind that any jacket claiming to be waterproof could have water-resistant fabric only. Always confirm before purchasing!

In addition, you should ensure that the jacket’s pockets are secured and have waterproof properties. Things like your cellphone can be wet if the pockets are not waterproof!


A GREAT waterproof jacket will protect you from the cold AND the wind.

The best waterproof jacket will make these extreme weather conditions feel like they’re nothing, and you do not get fazed by it.


The best jacket will make you feel protected, fashionable, and FLEXIBLE. You need to be able to swing the golf club comfortably and have full range of movement.

Wearing a jacket that is hard to move in is not great for any golfer.

Producing a jacket that can stretch its fabric easily is what makes the jacket WONDERFUL, especially for golfers that need the flexibility to use their club to perform a swing.

Golfers appreciate a soft and flexible fabric that can easily stretch because they rely on having the most precise movements for their swing.

Style and Fashion

You can never go wrong with a jacket that has style and fashion. For example, UA’s blue jacket looks GREAT even off course!

Some golfers consider style a crucial factor when buying a jacket.

Wearing a jacket that does not complement the rest of your equipment, like your golf bag and shoes, is a no-no for some golfers.

There are many different styles to a jacket, like a collar version or a turtle neck style; it entirely depends on the customer’s wants!


Arguably the most SIGNIFICANT factor to consider is the budget.

All the other factors are meaningless if you cannot buy the jacket you want! This factor requires a bit of creativity, especially if you are on a tight budget.

Do not limit yourself with how good its waterproof properties are or if it’s at a premium price. You need to check the usability and functionality of the jacket!

If the jacket, at an affordable cost, can give you protection, style, and freedom of movement, while you save money, then don’t hesitate to make that purchase.

How Should You Test the Quality of Golf Jackets?

The most obvious yet significant way of considering when to buy a golf jacket is to try them on!

A great way to introduce yourself to a golf jacket is to visit its brand’s site. Check its properties, details, and features. Don’t forget to check out other customer reviews.

Should You Buy Other Rain Gear?

Buying other rain gear can help your golfing in the rain be more tolerable at the very least!

Weather conditions will always play a significant role in how your other gear can fare.

Golfing in the rain and wind will be much easier if you are kitted out in full wet weather gear.

No matter how cold or light the conditions may be, the best gear will make golfing better, and that’s a top priority!

Summary – Recap of the Best Products

Do you want to recall the best products on the market listed in this article? No need to scroll up!

This section of the article will summarize what we chose to be the best equipment to buy! We hope the recap will remind you why we chose these products over the others!

Best Budget Pick: Etonic Golf Rain Suit

The best budget pick on this article is the Etonic Golf Rain Suit!

While it may not have the technology its competitors use, it still provides features that even COMPETE with those competitors at a much more affordable price!

This is great for those on a tight budget who need a practical waterproof golf jacket!

Best Value Pick: Under Armour Golf Rain Full-Zip Jacket

The best value pick is the Under Armour Golf Rain Full-Zip Jacket!

As one of the best products on the list, the UA jacket provides exceptional protection and comfort for those playing golf in the rain.

Not only will you feel comfy while playing golf, but you will also be protected from wind and water elements that won’t affect your game.

Best Overall: Adidas Climastorm Essential Rain Jacket

The best overall pick is the Adidas Climastorm Essential rain jacket!

We think Adidas have nailed it with this jacket. Not only is it affordable it’s performance against the elements is fantastic and stands up well against the wind and the rain!

It’s an incredibly lightweight jacket that’s easily packable and most importantly it doesn’t negatively impact your golf swing.

Wrapping up

If you think that the best overall pick on this article is not your choice, then that’s Ok. Gear has to be right for you.

The best golf rain gear is one that will keep your hands warm, provides excellent value, provides a lifetime waterproof guarantee, and provides comfort and protection!

We hope you choose the best gear that suits you and that your golfing isn’t affected too much by the weather.

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