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If you’re like most golfers, you know how important it is to get the right distance for every shot. If you’re relying on sprinkler heads or GPS in your cart, you’re making the game much harder on yourself. 

As golf has evolved, most courses don’t even offer a GPS in the cart as most have a handheld device. Plus, relying on sprinkler heads for distance to greens is hit or miss as not all of them are marked. 

The solution is to invest in a golf GPS or rangefinder. This small device will help you:

  • Speed up pace of play.
  • Get more accurate distances for every shot.
  • Shoot lower scores by knowing different distances to hazards and the green for better course management. 

So what is the best GPS device for golf? 

Let’s break it down…

Best Golf GPS Devices

Golf Buddy Voice 2 SE Talking GPSGolf Buddy Voice 2 SE Talking GPS
  • Check distance information simultaneously
  • Accurate qzss gps reception
  • Features over 40,000 courses in 170 countries around the world
  • Clear 1-inch lcd / audio level
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TecTecTec ULT Golf GPS WatchTecTecTec ULT Golf GPS Watch
  • Measures distances to the front, back, and middle of the green
  • Easy to use
  • Access information about over 38,000 courses around the world
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SkyCaddie SX500 Handheld Golf GPSSkyCaddie SX500 Handheld Golf GPS
  • Golfs largest & most brilliant high definition 5 touch screen
  • Preloaded with over 35,000 of sky golf's ground-verified
  • Halve with integrated targets
  • Cut the cord wi-fi connectivity to streamline updates, register & course downloads on demand
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Izzo Swami 6000 Handheld Golf GPSIzzo Swami 6000 Handheld Golf GPS
  • Hands-free viewing
  • Precise measurements
  • Auto course recognition, auto hole-advance, individual shot distance measurement
  • Handheld gps
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Garmin Approach S10 GPS Golf WatchGarmin Approach S10 GPS Golf Watch
  • Simple, easy-to-use golf watch
  • Sleek, lightweight and comfortable
  • Provides yardages to the front, back and middle of the green
  • Keep score on the watch for a summary of your round
  • Upload your scorecards to garmin express to keep track of rounds
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When it comes to finding the right distance for each shot, a lot of golfers rely on a rangefinder instead of a GPS. But I think that a GPS is much more useful as it gives you additional information for the shot that a rangefinder doesn’t provide.

A golf GPS will help:

  • Provide an overview of the hole.
  • Act as a handheld yardage book.
  • Give you positions for each green. 
  • Provide distances to front, middle, and back of green. 
  • Provide distances to different hazards, doglegs, sand, and more. 

These are just some of the reasons I think a golf GPS is more useful than a rangefinder. But regardless which you choose, having something is better than nothing.

Here are the five best options to help your game in 2021. 

1. GolfBuddy Voice 2 Golf GPS

golf buddy voice 2

The GolfBuddy Voice 2 Golf GPS is a simple, affordable, and easy to use device that is great for all golfers. It works up to 385 yards and reads your distance out loud just like Siri does with your iPhone. Not to mention, the battery life is extraordinary with 20+ hours, which should last at least four rounds. 

Here are some other great features of this GPS: 

  • Available in five color options.
  • Automatic course and hole recognition. 
  • Clip on ability to attach to your belt or golf slacks. 
  • Comes pre-loaded with 40,000 courses worldwide with free updates.  

2. TecTecTec ULT Golf GPS Watch

tectectec golf gps

The second on our list is the TecTecTec ULT golf GPS watch. 

This is a great alternative to the GolfBuddy as it’s a wearable watch. While some golfers prefer a handheld device, others prefer a watch instead. This is another amazingly affordable device that will help you navigate each shot on the course.

Here are some of the best benefits of this GPS:

  • Access to over 38,000 courses worldwide.
  • Incredible price and accuracy (within +/- 1 yard).
  • Provides distances to front, middle, and back of the green. 
  • Extremely durable; water and dust resistant to protect your investment.
  • Simple and easy to use. There are only four buttons which makes it easy to navigate and find your distances quickly. 

3. Izzo Swami 6000 Golf GPS

izzo swami golf gps

Next up on our best golf GPS list is the Izzo Swami 6000 device.. 

This is a different design than the first two options and great for someone who wants a larger display without a huge price tag. It’s slightly more of an investment than the first two on our list but still extremely affordable. 

Here is why we love it for the average golfer:

  • Digital scorecard to track your score. 
  • Large 2 inch color display makes it very easy to operate. 
  • Bright colors making it impossible to leave in the golf cart.
  • Hole overview to see layup distances, carry distances, and yardages to the green.
  • Integrated magnet designed to be attached to your cart making it a hand-free device. 

4. Garmin Approach S10 Golf GPS Watch

Garmin Approach S10 Golf GPS Watch

While the first three are great for the average golfer, if you want a higher end model, you will love the Garmin Approach S10. This golf GPS watch provides tons of useful data to help improve your course management without a huge investment. 

It’s a step up from the TecTecTec thanks to it’s more sleek design and additional tracking features. Here’s why it made our list:

  • 41,000 preloaded courses worldwide.
  • Sleek design with three color options available.
  • Long battery life – 12 hours in GPS mode and twice as long in normal watch mode. 
  • Paris with the Garmin Express app to keep track of rounds and provide more insight to your game.
  • Multi-purpose. Not only does it look great on the course but you can wear it off the course to work, events, and other occasions. 

5. SkyCaddie SX500

sky caddie

Rounding out our list is the SkyCaddie SX500. 

This handheld GPS device is the most premium on this list thanks to it’s high-quality 5” touchscreen display. The SkyCaddie is like a virtual yardage book that gives you everything you need from tee to green. The only thing it doesn’t do is hit the shot for you.

Here are some of the top benefits of this incredible device:

  • 12-14 hour battery life. 
  • Comes with Wi-Fi for automatic updates and course downloads.
  • Advanced display lets you tap or pinch and zoom for additional hole information.
  • Preloaded with 35,000+ courses using their ground verified, error corrected maps for second to none accuracy. 

Final Thoughts

As you can tell, there are tons of choices when it comes to finding the right golf GPS. 

Remember, a GPS is much more beneficial than a rangefinder as it lets you know more than just distance to the flag. While that’s important, you also want to know carry distances, additional yardages to the green, and more. 

You can’t go wrong with any of these five GPS devices. All of these incredible devices will make the game easier and hopefully, lead to shooting lower scores. Ultimately, the choice comes down to your skill level, budget, and what type of display you want. 

Finally, make sure that your GPS helps your game, not hurts it. 

If you’re just starting out in golf, a more simple device might keep things easy and not get overwhelmed. As you continue to progress and shoot lower scores, one with additional features will likely help you even more. 

Do you prefer a golf GPS or a traditional rangefinder? Make sure to let us know in the comments.

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